Genius Solutions To Common Kitchen Problems

Kitchen Problems

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, so it’s important we enjoy spending our time there. However, there are common problems that bug most of us, and these can have a serious impact on our efficiency and sense of pleasure. Thankfully, we have some advice you might find helpful. Read on for some useful tips and guidance.

Water takes a long time to warm up

We take hot water for granted, but there may be issues with the plumbing which affects the water temperature. This can include residual water that still needs to be flushed away before hot water can get through, or cold pipes in the winter which can affect the temperature. Instead of resorting to the trusted kettle, consider ‘instant boiling water taps.’ Click here for more information, and save yourself oodles of time waiting for the hot water to flow.

Smelly dish cloths

Dish cloths will begin to smell after only a few days. Food odours can remain, as well as the smell of damp, no matter how well you have wrung them out after use. Rather than buy a new dish cloth, you can solve the problem. One way is to launder them in boiling hot water with detergent to get rid of the residual grease. Alternatively, boil in water and vinegar to clean the fibres. Either way, hang them out to dry afterwards, and the smell will be gone. For a while, at least.

Stubborn grease everywhere

No matter how well you scrub down your kitchen counters and oven doors, you will still find it difficult to get rid of the greasy film that seems to linger. While you could buy something from the supermarket to do the job, be eco-friendly and use something that isn’t loaded with chemicals. There are some natural fixes here, and with a bit of elbow grease (sorry for the pun), you should have a cleaner kitchen in no time.

Not enough space

Short of investing in a new designer kitchen, there are cheaper options for creating more space in the kitchen. For starters, declutter anything that is getting in the way, and free up some floor space. If you don’t have enough counter space, consider investing in a kitchen island trolley which serves as an extra workspace as well increased shelving options. You could also hang some of your smaller items from hooks on the wall, and store pots and pans on higher shelving.

Unwanted guests

No, we don’t mean people turning up off the street and invading your kitchen. We are talking about those pesky ants that love the smell of cooking almost as much as you do. For starters, don’t attract these unwanted guests by leaving food on your countertops. However, should they turn up, there are humane methods of dealing with the issue rather than stomping on them or using toxic chemical spray. Here is some great advice which will help you get rid of those pesky varmints.

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