5 Effective Ways To Boost Your Child’s Academic Potential


As a parent, you will want to ensure your child reaches their highest academic potential. The support you give will enhance that given by school professionals, so remember that your child’s education is a team effort.

By reading this article, you are already proving you care for your child’s education. Follow the advice below which will help you and your child.

Find the right school

Love them or hate them, but Ofsted is a good starting point in finding the right school for your child. While many schools are unfairly criticized, other schools really should try harder. Read Ofsted reports, talk to local parents, and check out school websites to find the right school for your child. For example, Leicester High School for Girls comes recommended by the Good Schools Guide, and the school proudly states this fact on their site. Such recommendation should point you in the right direction.

Deal with school issues

Despite the best efforts of the school, there are often issues that prevent your child from learning. We have already talked about bullying on this website, and this is a major factor when it comes to your child’s learning experience. Your child may also struggle with their teacher, have problems with shyness, or have specific learning difficulties. There are often ways to work around these issues, such as speaking to the teachers involved, or gaining help from a learning mentor. The earlier you deal with these problems, the better, so collaboration with the school is vital.

Encourage reading

Young children will often bring home books from school, and as a parent, it is your duty to read with them. However, visit local libraries and book shops, and find reading material that your child is interested in, and not forced to read.

When you read a book with your child, ask questions, talk about choices and consequences and encourage your child’s imagination. Many books have morals, so there are a lot of life lessons to be learned as well as getting to grips with language and spelling.

Teach life lessons

There are many life lessons to be found in the world, so whether you are at home or outside, take the opportunity to teach your child naturally. Take a look at these life skills, which include persistence and integrity, valuable lessons we all need to learn. Then there are practical skills, such as riding a bike or helping with simple tasks around the home that will benefit your child. Being out in the country is a great opportunity to talk about nature, so always find time to educate.

Offer praise and encouragement

One of the biggest hindrances for a child’s learning is negativity. Your child will make mistakes but that doesn’t mean you should be unduly hard on them. Your child will learn consequences themselves without your put down comments. Instead, be positive. Praise your child when they do something well, and if they fail, gently encourage them and offer support. Knowing you care will encourage them to keep trying in any of life’s circumstances.

Image source: Pixabay
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