Enjoying Life’s Pleasures: A Guide to Simplifying Your Life


We all recognise the demands that 21st century puts on us, but seldom few of us do anything to combat these stresses and strains. All over the world people are more tired, more depressed, and more stressed than ever before, even in the countries with a strong economy and political stability. If that sounds like negative reading, then at least be grateful that you’re able to do something about it. Simplify your life and you’ll be on the path to living true again. Just follow our simple steps to get yourself going.

Have Targets

What do you want out of life? In what ways do you think simplifying will benefit your life? Whatever they are, write them down. You’ll be streamlining life, focusing only on the things you actually want to focus on. Once you have targets, it’ll be much easier to see what you value – and more importantly, what you don’t value. Then you’ll be able to cut them out of your life.

Simplify Life’s Processes

On any given day, think about the amount of time you spend doing the things that you actually have to do, such as taking care of your appearance, commuting to and from work, making food, and so on. If you live in a busy city, these things might take up several hours of your day – time that otherwise isn’t your own. Cutting them down, or making the process more simple (such as eating simple meals) will help.

Clear Away Unwanted Junk

It is astonishing how quickly our homes can accrue whole rooms full of items that we don’t need. We’re a species that likes to hoard. But by hoarding our rooms, we’re also hoarding our minds. You cannot have a clear mind when you’re surrounded by things. Go through your home and make a list of anything that you haven’t used in the past 6 months; does it need to stay? Once collected up, have a company like Rubbish Removals take it away and let it go for good.

Opting Out

A simple mind can easily become cluttered if it’s constantly being bombarded by advertisements and newsletters and other things we don’t really need in our lives. As you receive newsletters, check the opt-out link and put an end to them (unless you legitimately need and enjoy them in your life).

Technology Free Time

Technology has done us a lot of good, but it doesn’t have to be so ubiquitous in our lives. Set aside a set number of hours during the day when all the technology is stored away. Turn off your internet router and your phone, too. You’ll have the peace to actually let your mind become free without the constant distractions of the world wide web.

Reduce Advertisement’s Power

Our home’s become cluttered because we buy stuff we don’t need, and we buy stuff we don’t need because advertisements tell us to. Do your best to avoid advertising or, if you can’t, take a step back and remember that it’s trying to trick you into cluttering up your home – and promptly ignore it!

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