Beautify Your Hallway

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Your hallway is the entrance to your home. It is the first impression new visitors will have and even if someone is at your front door but does not enter, they will be able to see it behind you. It is often the most ignored room in the house, when in fact it should be made as comfortable and appealing as possible.

Wall Colourings

If your hallway has plenty of natural light you can use some deeper colours and this will help to enhance your space. If it only has the light from the window in your front door, do not make it even darker by painting the walls dark too. That will just shrink its size to the eye. Use neutral lighter shades to give the illusion of it being bigger than it actually is and to make it brighter.


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As people walk into your house straight from outside, they could have dirt or mud on their shoes and the hallway is the place that will suffer. Choose flooring that is durable and easy to clean, Laminated wood effects are good. They are not so light that they show every little mark, and very easy to clean with a mop and bucket. Tiling is also fantastic too.

A rug running down the centre can help with a feeling of warmth, just don’t have it up against the front doorstep. Leave a gap of a couple of feet at each end of the runner.


Stairs are a part of many hallways and because they are so visible they need to look good as well. Choose a covering for them that will blend in nicely with the rest of the hallway and perhaps have stair nosings to finish them off. It’s often the little touches that make the most difference.

Wall Hangings

A mirror in the hallway is always good so that anyone leaving the house can have a last minute check on his or her appearance. You could also hang some nice pictures or family photos are always a favourite. Don’t overfill the walls though, as then it can get too much and spoil the others efforts you have made.

Window Dressings

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Some hallways have windows and some don’t. For the ones that do they are often small and an awkward shape. You may want something to dress it with rather than just leaving as a pain of glass and there are several options for this.

You could hang a small rail above it, and have a curtain that covers it all when it is closed. You could have a blind made for it, as there are some types that can be made to any shape and size. Or is there is a sill below the glass, place a plant there. That not only looks good, but the plant will also be getting the natural daylight that it needs.


Make sure you have good lighting in your hall, but also have a bright light over your front door. Then if someone rings your bell when it is dark, you will be able to see who is there before you open the door.

Follow these tips and your hallway will look good and inviting and will create a great impression when people enter your home for the first time.

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