Throw Throw Burrito Extreme Outdoor Edition Review

Throw Throw Burrito Extreme

The weather is starting to get much nicer, sunnier, and warmer without being too hot – an excellent time to get out in the fresh air, enjoy our gardens, parks and have some fun. But some need more encouragement to put down their electronic devices and screens and get outside and enjoy the good weather whilst they can. And what better way is there than spending time outside than a bit of organised yet totally disorganised mad fun? If you have ever played the dodgeball game Throw Throw Burrito (or Throw Throw Avocado) from Exploding Kittens, where you lob squishy burritos at each other, then welcome to Throw Throw Burrito Extreme Outdoor Edition.

Throw Throw Burrito Extreme Outdoor Edition is a larger version of the very popular game that is to be played outdoors and have fun in the garden, local park or even at the beach. It is suitable for 2-6 players aged 7+ with a playing time of around 15-20 minutes and is just as much fun for the kids as well as families. It is played the same way as the original game except that instead of small squishy burritos you throw large 3ft inflatable burritos at your opponents, dodgeball on a large scale and massive fun.

In the box:

  • 2x 3ft Inflatable Burritos
  • 1x Repair Patch
  • 120x Water-resistant Jumbo Playing Cards
  • 6x Burrito Bruises
  • 1x Fear Me Badge
  • Instructions

The aim of the game is to try and make matching sets of three cards (Barky Sharky, Floaty Goaty or Goth Sloth cards) to earn points, whilst all the time trying to get your opponents to engage in burrito brawls, wars and duels to duck, dodge and dive out of the way of giant airborne flying burritos to avoid getting hit and earning a Burrito Bruise.

This is an outdoor game and comes with two 3ft inflatable burritos, that means before any play can start, they need to be inflated. You can blow them up manually, but this will require a lot of puff and will take some time. I would recommend using a pump of some sort – I used a foot pump, and the burritos were inflated in no time at all.

Burritos inflated, we were ready for Burrito Wars and sat down to play. Each player is dealt approximately 15 cards face down (the exact number doesn’t seem to matter!) and placed on the table to their right – this is their personal draw pile. Any remaining cards are split into 2 equal(ish) piles and placed face down in the centre of the table – these become the community draw pile. The Burrito Bruises are placed in the centre of the table and the inflated burritos are placed near or under the table. Players then draw 5 cards from the top of their personal draw pile and can look at them. War can now commence.

Players need to try and create a matching set of 3 cards by disposing a card from their hand and place the discarded card on to the personal draw pile of the player on their left whilst then drawing a new card from their own personal draw pile. When a player gets 3 matching cards they place them face up in front of them and draw another 3 cards from their personal draw pile. Players cannot hold more than 5 cards at once. All players play at the same time, there is no turn taking and players must try to create their matching sets as quickly as possible. If a player runs out of cards in their personal draw pile they can draw from the community pile until there are more cards in their personal draw pile.

For matching sets of normal cards you receive 1 point, matching sets of Battle Cards are worth 2 points and a Burrito Bruise is worth -1 point.

If a player creates a matching set of Battle Cards they place them in their score pile as normal and shout out the name of the battle: Brawl, War or Duel. When a battle is called, all play must stop and the real fun begins and the inflatable burritos come into play.

If a Brawl is declared, the players to the immediate left and right of the player that declared the brawl must grab a burrito and launch it at the other player (we had the burritos on the grass rather than under the table so that there was more room to play). The first player to be hit by the burrito loses the brawl.

If War is declared, ALL players except the player that declared the War must race to grab a burrito, the first player to be hit by a burrito loses the war.

If Duel is declared, the player that declared the duel picks 2 players to duel (they can include themselves if they want to). Each player grabs a burrito and stand back to back to each other. Both players will simultaneously say “3, 2, 1, Burrito!” As each number is said, both players will take a step away from each other in a straight line, and on “Burrito!” they turn and throw. The first player to get hit by a Burrito loses the Duel.

Any player that loses a Brawl, War or Duel by being hit with a giant inflatable burrito is given a Burrito Bruise token.

The game is played over two rounds. The first round ends when all 6 of the Burrito Bruises have been handed out. The winner of the round is the player with most points, any Burrito Bruises you have deducts 1 point from your score. The player with most points is given the Fear Me Badge. Reset the game and play again for round 2. If the player with the Fear Me Badge wins again, they are the outright winner of the game. If another player wins, that player and the holder of the Fear Me Badge must have a Duel to determine the winner.

Overall, this is a great outdoor game that we all loved playing (and is great for getting the kids active when they are moving around the garden trying to avoid flying burritos). You don’t even need a garden to play, as the box is sturdy with a carry handle you can easily take the game to your favourite park or outside space and play there (as long as you can inflate the burritos).

It is a very simple game to set up and play and the kids love racing around throwing their inflatables at each other, it makes a card matching game with elements of Dodgeball much more enjoyable and fun.

The playing cards are jumbo-sized and water resistant so stand up to playing in the garden very well. And as the inflatables are being thrown around a lot, at some point there may be a puncture, but the game does come with a repair patch to fix small punctures (although more than one in the box would be a better option).

A fantastically fun game to get everybody outside in the sun, having fun and getting fresh air. The only thing I would suggest is investing in a pump of some sort so that the burritos can be inflated easily – unless you like blowing them up manually of course!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29.99

For more information, visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

Disclosure: I received this item for free for the purposes of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This review uses an affiliate link which I may receive a small commission from if you purchase through the link.
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