A Sunny Day by Eric Jay Cash Review

A Sunny Day

A Sunny Day is an excellent speech and language development learning book.

This is a hard review to write as A Sunny Day by Eric Jay Cash isn’t a typical story book for children and at first glance looked rather silly and pointless to me.

On flicking through the book I wasn’t sure of what it was supposed to be as it looked like just silly words spoken by cave children from the Palaeolithic era. On actually sitting down and reading, it is actually a very clever picture book designed to help young children learning to speak or children with speech delay learn new words and their pronunciation as they take a journey with 4 cave children on a path of discovery.

The book introduces us to the Cave Kiddos; Alk, Haha, Lala and Zee who are discovering how to pronounce the word WATER by splitting it in syllables. It’s a sunny day and the Cave Kiddos Alk and Zee are thirsty when Haha and Lala wander past with bowls of water. After some practice all four Cave Kiddos get from WA to WATER to pronounce the name of the drink they have.

Overall, this is not a story book but more of a 24 page educational learning aid. I was reading it with boys who have some slight speech delay and although they are passed the basics like water they loved the book and the illustrations of the cave children discovering water.

I think this and any more to follow in the Cave Kiddos series are an excellent concept and a great fun way to develop speech and language skills focusing on just one word at a time and has excellent illustrations to accompany the basic text of what word the children are trying to discover.

So  while a first glance an adult or child who is not learning the basics of speech or has some kind of speech delay this book looks rather disappointing, for those that are learning to develop their speech it is a great book and on that premise can’t be faulted.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £6.99 (paperback)

Available to buy from Amazon here.

For more information on Eric Jay Cash and Cave Kiddos visit www.ericjaycash.com.


Disclosure: I was provided with a free copy of this book for the purposes of writing an honest and impartial review.
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