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With the sun shining and the days now longer and warmer, it’s time to get the kids outside to enjoy the fresh air and have some fun (and get the added benefit of soaking up the sun to create that all-important vitamin D that our bodies need to stay healthy).

Active kids will want something fun to do – take a look at any school playground, park, garden or beach and you will see kids kicking balls, throwing balls, hitting balls, bouncing balls and generally moving around burning off that exercise energy, having fun and keeping fit. Kids love games involving a ball of some type, others like racquet (racket) sports like Badminton – what about combing the two and playing something different? A game of keepie uppie with a toy that is a cross between a ball and a shuttlecock? Well, you can with the Ukick from Wicked!

The Ukick is a toy/game that can be played with alone to practice your own skills and tricks or with other players for some competitive fun group play. You can use your hands, feet or any part of your body to play, all you must do is stop it from hitting the floor, keeping it in the air as long as possible. The Ukick is a bright and colourful feathery keepie uppie toy that can be customised and adjusted depending on your skill level and what tricks you want to do, and even when it’s windy outside!

Wicked’s Ukick is very light, making it easily portable so children can play anywhere. It is available in three different colour options: Patriot (Red, White and Blue feathers), Hero (Green and Yellow feathers) and Mad Dog (Green, Pink, Yellow and White feathers).

  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Fun, original way to keep fit
  • Feathers and pro discs are fully customisable
  • Adjust the amount of pro discs to up the skill level

Overall, the kids (and the adults) have enjoyed the Ukick. It is a challenging game to play, as it is different from playing keepie uppie with a football but is so much more fun as once you start to get better with it you can do more tricks and adjust it to suit your own personal skill levels.

A cross between a ball and shuttlecock with longer feathers, it is excellent for kicking or throwing into the air and playing using your hands, feet, knees, shoulders or head to stop it from hitting the ground – once it hits the ground you have to pick it up and start again – you can’t get it going again from the ground with your foot.

It is really light and easier to control than a bouncing ball and the really colourful feathers make it easy to see whilst playing.

It is fun to play as a solo game or a group game.

It can be quite challenging, especially when you start adding in the extra discs to up the skill level, but Wicked Vision have some videos of it in action on their YouTube channel so you can pick up some tips and tricks.

The Wicked Ukick is an excellent fun toy to get the kids outside enjoying the sun and fresh air (it can be played with indoors as well if you have suitable space). It is lots of fun to play with and is a good way to get active as you are always moving about to keep it up in the air whilst honing those skills and tricks.

Perfect for enjoying the outdoors this summer and having some active fun. It is small and lightweight so can be taken anywhere and played anywhere – play in the comfort of your own garden or have a mini tournament in the park with your friends. Kick it! Hack it! Whack it! How long will you be able to keep it up for?

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £10

For more information or to buy, visit www.ukick.co.uk or www.wickedvision.co.uk.

DISCLOSURE: I received this item for free for the purposes of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 
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