Project Genius Pack It In Puzzle Box Review

Project Genius

I like puzzles and brain-teasers, so was happy to try a puzzle/brain teaser from Project Genius. I was sent the Pack It In Box from their Just Teasing range.

The puzzle is made from wood, well-made, excellent quality and look easy to do (I soon found out is wasn’t as easy as it looked!). The puzzle box is approx. 3.5” square and approx. 1.75” tall. In the box are 7 pieces; 6 coloured rectangle pieces with wooden balls on and a white wooden square with 9 holes in.

The object of the puzzle is too remove all the pieces and they put them back in the box and place the square on top so that it all fits neatly into the box. Sounds extremely easy, after all there are only 7 pieces to fit in the box! Wrong. For the next hour (at least!) I sat trying to fit the pieces back in the box. Eventually they finally went back in! The website says the puzzles are easy, but if you get he first piece wrong then it will all be wrong – I was forever getting 5 out of the 6 rectangle pieces in.

The Pack It In puzzle from Project Genius is infuriating, frustrating, annoying but awesome fun. It requires you to use your brain and actually try to think about the pieces and your next move. And you might sometimes just need a bit of luck. The pieces are a good size and would be a good size puzzle to introduce children to the world of brain teasers, puzzles and logical thinking.

It is small and light enough to take anywhere with you. A great way to challenge yourself (and your friends) and keep your brain active.

Rating: 5/5

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DISCLOSURE: I was provided with this puzzle for free for the purposes of writing an honest and impartial review. All opinions are my own.
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