How to Ease Your Child’s Nerves On their First Day at School

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Your child’s first day at school really is going to be a nerve-racking experience. They will probably be worried for days on end and it really is a huge step forward for them. If you want to try and teach them the skills that they need to boost their confidence then it is possible for you to do this with ease, and you can find out whatever you need to know below.

First Day

Your child may be very excited about going to a big school but this really is a step up from spending the days at home with you. When the nerves set in, it helps to try and get to know other parents who are going to be doing the school run as well. This way, you can encourage your child to hang out with other kids prior to the big day and this will help them to make friends as soon as they arrive. You can also let your child know that when they share, this can really mean good things for a long-lasting friendship and that everything will be fine.

The Rules

It also helps to walk your child through all of the rules regarding their school day and what they need to do when they arrive for class. If your child has to wear a uniform for school then you can get them to try this on in advance and this will also put their mind at ease as well. Let them know that they are going to have to raise their hand if they want to ask any questions and comfort them at all times. If your child is worried about making their way to school then make sure that you familiarise yourself with the school signs now so that you know exactly how to get there. After all, the last thing that you need is for your child to be worried about being late.


Another great thing that you can do is take your child into the school so that they can meet all of their teachers in advance. A lot of teachers are often in school before the term starts, and if they are willing to do this then it is something that you should certainly take advantage of. If possible, you can also go for a walk with your child so that they can feel confident in their first day and so they can also really relax as the whole thing won’t feel as new to them.

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Your child will probably feel very nervous when they arrive at school and this is completely normal, but making sure that they are prepared can really help you to put their mind at ease. It’s a good idea to go shopping with them to make sure that they have all of the pens and pencils they need, and it also helps to give them some colourful pens as well. When you do this, you make it much easier for them to enjoy themselves and it may even help them to make new friends. After all, if someone you knew had a really colourful colouring set, wouldn’t you want to be friends with them?

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