Trampoline Tennis Review

We have had some glorious weather lately, lots of sun and heat with hardly any rain (except for the odd storm). How long it will last is anyone’s guess, it is the good old British weather after all. Whilst we have the glorious sun and heat, we should make the most of it while we can, whether that is in the garden the local park or on the beach. One way to enjoy the summer sun and have some fun is playing Trampoline Tennis from The Happy Puzzle Company.

Before you start thinking that Trampoline Tennis sounds too energic, bouncing up and down on a trampoline trying to play tennis in your own version of Wimbledon, Trampoline Tennis is a handheld game that you play with your feet of the ground. Tennis rackets have been replaced by handheld trampoline discs and the iconic tennis ball has been replaced with a string ‘ball’.

What is Trampoline Tennis? Well, it is a game of throwing, catching and bouncing where the bat is a handheld trampoline as well as a frisbee and the ball resembles tangled string. It is available in two different sizes: Mini (disk size approx. 30cm diameter) for 4 years old to adult and Medium (disk size approx. 37cm diameter) for 5 years old to adult. Each set consists of two trampoline-style discs and 1 string ball.

Trampoline Tennis comes with two trampoline discs: one red and one blue, with a trampoline-style bouncy netting over the hollow centres. It is supplied with one string ‘ball’ in red and blue (colour may vary).

It is not a complicated game to play, you just bounce the string ‘ball’ on the trampoline-style netting on the disc. You can play solo, practicing tricks or play as a two player game and hit the ‘ball’ to each other, effectively playing a tennis-style game. With the strange string ball combined with the trampoline discs, the ‘ball’ can bounce as high as a house. Players move around hitting the ball back and forth or playing solo and performing tricks. It is perfect for developing skills such as hand/eye co-ordination and concentration. You can also throw the ‘ball’ to each other if you just want a game of catch. The discs can also be used as super-sized frisbees to throw to each other. Making this a very versatile set of trampoline-style discs.

Overall, we LOVED playing Trampoline Tennis. This reimaging of a tennis racket and ball is excellent fun and much more versatile (I have even lost time by practising bouncing the string ‘ball’ on the trampoline disc when wandering around the house – it is quite addictive). It is the perfect game to get everybody out in the fresh air, enjoying the outdoors, and having some good fun. It is a very good physical game that keeps the players active and laughing, all out in the sun and fresh air.

The trampoline-style discs have some excellent bounce off them. When bouncing the string ‘ball’ off the netting on the discs you can get some good height and distance, the ‘ball’ really does go house height and above. But with such good a good bounce you do have to be careful where you play as you could easily lose the special string ‘ball’ on roofs, in neighbours gardens etc. It is a game that would be perfect for bigger open spaces such as a park or on the beach. It is inevitable at some point we will lose the ‘ball’ but replacements can be purchased on The Happy Puzzle Company website for £2.49 for a single or £5.99 for a set of three (colours may vary).

I think that Trampoline Tennis is an excellent game, whether that is practicing solo tricks and skills, hitting the ball between players or using it as a frisbee (the discs move through the air quite well). We were using the medium size discs and thought the discs were a good size for the kids and adults. The discs are lightweight, easy to hold and use as bats or frisbees. The string ‘ball’ is also lightweight, colourful and fun to hit and bounce.

Trampoline Tennis is a simple idea but one that is lots of fun for kids, adults and families. The only thing missing is a drawstring bag to keep it all together for easy transportation when taking it to the park.

Excellent fun to keep active and a great way to enjoy the outdoors this summer.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99 (Mini) / £24.99 (Medium)

For more information or to buy, visit Also available from Amazon.

DISCLOSURE: I received this item for free for the purposes of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This review uses an affiliate link which I may receive a small commission from if you purchase through the link.
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