Wicked Uncle Q-Ba-Maze 2.0 Review


We have 3 or 4 different marble runs in our house, the boys love playing with them, building as big and complicated as they can get them and also, like lots of kids these days, watching others building them on YouTube. So when the Q-Ba-Maze 2.0, the next generation marble maze, arrived from Wicked Uncle they were delighted. Finding toys that will suit an older child is rather difficult (unless it involves electronic gadgets) and Wicked Uncle have a wide variety, easily sortable by age range.

There are several sets available and we received the Marble Q-BA-Maze Clever 3 Cube System Starter Box in “Cool Colors”. The box contains 36 cubes (in 3 colours) and 14 metal marbles. It is suitable for age 6 years and upwards. The Q-Ba-Maze is an interlocking cube maze that is easy to build, using designs in the box, online or even creating your own.

As mentioned, the box contains 14 metal marbles and 36 cubes in blue, green and clear colours:

  • 9 bottom-exit cubes
  • 18 single-exit cubes
  • 9 double-exit cubes

In the box is also an instruction booklet with instructions to build “Moose”, but other designs can be downloaded from the Q-Ba-Maze website (we have already downloaded “Butterfly”, “Flower” and “T-Rex”.

Slotting the cubes together is extremely easy with their stack or slide system (cubes stack on top of each other or you can slide each cube next to each other locking them into place). With some cubes having a single exit and some double you can create designs and try to guess the marbles path and exit points.

Overall, The Q-Ba-Maze is a fun, easy to assemble marble run (and is much more stable than marble runs we already own). It encourages creativity, reading and following instructions and is described as “Part art, part science, all fun!” for which I would definitely have to agree.

Since we received it, the boys have had hours of fun building the designs and creating their own (and haven’t broken any of the cubes or even lost a marble).

With Christmas nearly here, this would make an excellent gift this year for any boy or girl that loves construction toys and marble runs or even logic games and puzzles. With other packs also available you can add to it to expand the set and create bigger and better designs (we hope to be adding more soon).

A fantastic fun and quality toy with hours of playability.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £21.95

For more information or to buy visit www.wickeduncle.co.uk. Also available to buy from Amazon here.

Did you know Wicked Uncle also has a USA website? Click here to find out more.

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