Wicked Sky Spinner Ultra LED Trick Disc Review

Sky Spinner

This half term we have been trying out some indoor action toys from Wicked to keep the kids entertained at home. Keeping the kids entertained during normal school holidays can be difficult enough but during lockdowns and different tier restrictions around the UK makes it much more challenging. So whilst we are staying at home this half term (and beyond) we have already enjoyed playing with the Wicked Indoor Booma Boomerang and the Duncan Pulse Yo-Yo, and now we are trying out the Wicked Sky Spinner Ultra LED Trick Disc.

The Wicked Sky Spinner Ultra LED Trick Disc that is more than just a Frisbee, which on first glance is what me and my partner thought it was, but is a hand-propelled spinning trick disc.

We had never seen or used the original Sky Spinner so can’t this one to it, but for anyone that has used the original version, the Ultra version has been updated with an extended spin time of up to five minutes and three multicolour LEDS (5x longer than its predecessor).

The Wicked Sky Spinner Ultra LED Trick Disc is a plastic Frisbee-style disc that you spin on your finger to do tricks and stunts with. It features a new Spin Hub and a super-high-speed ball-bearing, enabling speeds of up to 500 revs per minute and is available in blue, red and yellow colour options.

The Sky Spinner Ultra LED Trick Disc is a Frisbee-sized hand-propelled disc with a perfectly balanced, weighted rim. It is a large plastic disc that you spin and do tricks with as well as throwing it like a Frisbee and is perfect for indoor as well as outdoor play. As the disc spins, it is equipped with three multicoloured LED lights that create stunning light effects making your tricks and stunts look so much more impressive. Of the three items we have been trying out from Wicked this is definitely the children’s favourite.

Using the disc is simple. Everyone will know how to use it as a Frisbee but the real fun is using it as a trick disc. On the bottom of the disc is a recessed finger hub which can be used on your finger on any other pointed surface, this allows you to place your finger into the disc whilst it is spinning to do a variety of tricks. With the finger hub is a grooved power crank that helps you spin the disc a bit faster, getting up to speeds of 500rpm!

Whilst you are spinning the disc on your finger, sticks or other pointed objects the disc has three multicoloured LEDs on top that really do put on an impressive light show (especially in a darkened room), and they are very bright.

There are instructions on the inside of the cardboard sleeve packaging for basic usage about how to spin using the finger hub and power crank and safety instructions when throwing it.

The kids have absolutely loved spinning it on their fingers and trying to learn new tricks like bouncing it up and down on their finger whilst it is spinning. You can master tricks such as finger flick, stack attack, fist spin, claw grind and much more but we are still learning how to do all these. Wicked do have a Youtube channel that show tutorials and tips for their products, but we were unable to see a tutorial at the time of writing for learning new tricks with the Sky Spinner, but we will keep checking.

The Sky Spinner Ultra LED Trick Disc has so far provided hours of fun for both kids, and without using it outdoors as a Frisbee. The ultra-bright LEDs also give it that extra fun dimension. They are both trying to outdo each other with the different tricks they can do with it. Definitely a great toy to keep them entertained at home this half term and beyond.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £15 | Age 3+

For more information, visit www.wickedmania.com. Available to buy from Amazon here.

Disclosure: I received this item for free for the purpose of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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