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With 4-year-old twins in the house who love books as much as I always have to read 2 bedtime stories each night (they have to have a book each), so I was delighted when Maverick Books sent one of their new May releases for review; Wishker by Heather Pindar.

Wishker is a story of magic and wishes and how you should be very careful of what you wish for, you might just get it!

Mirabel is very hard done by, or at least that’s how she feels. Every time she asks for something the answer is always NO! Whether it’s a sleepover, a pet or just to play in her brother’s room, her requests are always refused. While in the garden complaining of the injustice of it all she meets Wishker, a rufty-tufty magical talking cat. He has the answers to all her problems and grants her 3 wishes with his magical whiskers. Mirabel is overjoyed and the first thing she wishes for is for everyone to say yes to her. Her wish is granted so she sets off trying it out requesting and getting her class sleepover, animals from the zoo, clowns from the circus and lots and lots of ice cream.

With a never-ending sleepover, only eating ice cream and a house full of smelly animals Mirabel soon realises that having everybody say yes to her demands is not much fun, she just wants everything back to normal.

Wishker is a cautionary tale about the dangers of having everything you want without thinking through the consequences. While the book has been written with a lot of humour it has been perfectly illustrated by Sarah Jennings with eye-catching, colourful pictures that enhance the story.

Wishker is a fun story, filled with humour and a great message; be careful what you wish for, it may just come true! I read it with 4-year-old twin boys and it held their attention to the end and they loved the pictures as it explained the story to them. At 32 pages it is a great length for a bedtime story.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £6.99 (Paperback)

Available to buy from Amazon here.

For other titles from Maverick Books visit www.maverickbooks.co.uk.

DISCLOSURE: I was sent a free copy of this book for the purposes of writing an honest and impartial review. All opinions are my own.
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