Memories of Growing Up Memories Stick Review

Memories Stick

The Memories Stick is a great gift idea for keeping those treasured memories.

Whether you’re pregnant, already had children or just looking for a perfect gift for a Christening, Baby Shower, Birthday or Christmas then I can highly recommend the Memories Stick from Memories of Growing Up.

Just as the company name suggests the Memories Stick stores all your pictures, videos and documents of your children growing up from ultrasound to their 18 birthday (and beyond should you wish just add your own folders).

The Memories Stick is a hi-speed USB 3.0 memory stick/flash drive/pen drive (or whatever you choose to call it as everybody seems to have a different name for them) that looks great with its white leather and chrome body and packaged in a beautiful white presentation gift box. The stick is available in 2 sizes, 16GB and 32GB, personally for the price difference of £6 between the 2 I would always go for the 32GB version as you can never have too much space and once you start adding 18 years’ worth of pictures, videos, report cards and what else you want to keep a record of you could fill it up quite quickly.

To help you on your way the Memories Stick comes pre-loaded with folders split into different age groups from birth including ultrasounds, first steps to their 18th birthday and beyond. Within these folders are also sections for memorable moments such as Christening, birthdays, school plays and lots more and of course you can add your own folders for other special occasions or delete folders that are already there that don’t quite fit your needs.

The Memories of Growing UP Memories Stick is a great gift idea, not only for a new parent but on your child’s 18th birthday you can gift the stick to them so they too can see all those cherished childhood memories.

I have already started to populate my stick and it is forcing me to sort all those photos on my laptop that I have sitting in one folder into some sort of order so I can decide which ones to put on the Memories Stick. It is time consuming sorting out all the photos but will be worth it as I only want the best and memorable ones on the stick.

Just in case the inevitable happens and the stick goes wrong (or you lose it) make sure that you keep a backup. The Memories Stick comes with a 10 year guarantee but does not cover your data so as I said, keep regular backups.

So if you are looking for that perfect present for a new parent or maybe for yourself as a great keepsake of your child special years growing up the you can’t wrong with the Memories of Growing Up Memories Stick.

Its great quality, presented well, definitely excellent value for money and I can highly recommend it.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £23.99 (16GB) / £29.99 (32GB)

Available to buy from Memories of Growing Up here.


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