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TV Accessories

One For All make some great TV accessories to make your viewing much more enjoyable!

I was recently sent 3 TV accessories from One For All. You may know One For All for their universal remote controls, but they do much more. I was sent a universal remote, indoor amplified aerial and wireless headphones for review.

The item I decided to start with was the Smart Control 5 (URC 7955) universal remote control. This remote can control up to 5 devices including the television, Sky box, DVD player etc. and can even control up to 3 connected devices at once (i.e. TV, set top box and soundbar).

Setting up the remote was very simple. The remote comes with a code book that lists codes from different device manufactures. So all I had to do to set up for my TV was so find my manufacture and then input the code (there are several codes per manufacture so if the first doesn’t work you try the next). There is also a SimpleSet function for the most popular brands/devices that just requires a 1 digit code (this way worked perfectly for my Sky box).

Once the remote was programmed for my TV, Sky box and DVD player it worked perfectly, giving the same functionality as the original remotes.

It also has a NetTV function for access to internet streaming apps such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer etc. (smart TV required to be able to use this function).

Overall, this is a great remote. It looks good, is very comfortable to hold and use and has all the functions of my other remotes all in one unit. With a retail price of £29.99 it is good value for money. Available to buy from One For All here.


The second I decided to try was the 54dB Amplified Indoor Aerial (SV 9495). I have never had much joy with indoor aerials, so was keen to see if this would be any better (especially for digital TV now that the analogue signal has been switched off).

The is a flat square aerial that measures approx. 30x25x1cm and looks nothing like a traditional aerial. It is a flat black square that can be wall or table mounted (screws and stand supplied). It works with DVB-T/DVB-T2 television, Freeview and DAB radio and you can see if it works in your area by visiting and entering your post code. It has a signal level indicator on the front so you can position to get the best signal (although I never got more than 1 bar) and is equipped with Automatic Gain Control (up to 54dB) to ensure the correct level of gain to get the best signal. It even has a 3G/4G filter to filter out interference from mobile phone signals.

To use, I had to retune the TV (it had been tuned using the outdoor aerial but just froze when this aerial plugged in). Once retuned it picked up all the digital TV and radio channels with clear picture and sound (and no longer froze!).

Finally an indoor aerial that worked perfectly for me, and with only one signal bar! Although rather expensive at £64.99, it works extremely well and is packed with technology to give the best picture possible. Available to buy from One For All here.


The third and final item for review was the Rechargeable Wireless TV Headphones (HP 1030). These are lightweight wireless headphones with a self-adjusting headband so they sit very well on your head.

Set up again is extremely easy; plug the charger/sending station into the headphone socket on the TV and plug in the power adapter, install 2x AAA batteries behind one of the ear caps and charge up. Once ready to use just press the power button on the headphones to turn on and press scan to pair with the charger/sending station.

As I already said, they are lightweight and comfortable and the sound is crystal clear (has Voice Clear technology, which emphasises speech whilst dimming background noise). The range of the headphones is up to 100 metres and I was able to walk around the room, from room to room and even upstairs without losing the signal.

As they are wireless you can complete freedom of movement. The battery life is around 12 hours of use before charges (although I don’t know who would sit and watch TV for 12 hours in one sitting).

I found these headphones to be comfortable, easy to set up and use and best of all have great sound. Available to buy for £49.99 from One For All here.


Disclosure: I received these items for free for the purposes of writing an honest and impartial review.
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