Intempo Bluetooth Jukebox Review

Intempo Bluetooth Jukebox

Get the party started with the Intempo Bluetooth Jukebox!

What can I say about the Intempo Bluetooth Jukebox? I LOVE IT! If I was allowed to end my review there, I would on that note. But alas I have to give you, the reader, a little bit more information as to why.

The Intempo Bluetooth Jukebox stands at around 2.7ft tall (39.5l x 21w x 82.5h cm) and has quite a substantial weight to it (about 9kg). It comes with FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity, AUX ports, remote control, flashing LED disco lights and 4x 6w speakers all wrapped up in a dark drown housing with white tubing and chrome looking adornments! Perfect for parties and your own 1950s style home disco!

Obviously an original 1950s jukebox would have old fashioned vinyl records but this version is updated and has FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity so that you can connect your smartphone or tablet or an auxiliary port to connect your MP3 player.

The sound is great and the radio is excellent quality. Connecting to an MP3 player is extremely easy using the audio cable supplied and Bluetooth pairs very simply with no problems (I have used a Samsung Galaxy phone, Samsung Galaxy tablet and iPad mini). There is a control panel on the side that allows you to select what type of input you are using, volume up/down and standby buttons. On the rear are the aux connections, on/off switch and a handy little pocket that you can store the remote control in or even better, somewhere to place your MP3 player.

Intempo Bluetooth Jukebox

The radio, as I said previously, is great. The signal seems to be excellent, it does come with a wire aerial cable but as of yet I haven’t had to uncoil this as it picks up the stations perfectly. The tuning is controlled on the side by the tuning up/down buttons or on the remote. The only downside it that there is no display to let you know what station number you are on.

Bluetooth connects very easily by switching to the Bluetooth mode on the Jukebox by pressing the mode button until a blue light appears above the Bluetooth symbol. Then turn on Bluetooth on your phone or tablet where it pairs easily and then click connect. Simple. The range of the Bluetooth is approx. 10m (33ft) so should be more than enough for most rooms depending on where you are positioning your phone/tablet. With this option it gives you total control over your music as you can select, skip, stop or repeat tracks from your phone or tablet.

There are 2 auxiliary ports on the rear where you can plug in your MP3 player or other device; Aux 1 is for an RCA cable (red and white connections, cable not supplied) while Aux 2 is for a 3.5mm cable (supplied). I have only used the 3.5mm cable for connecting to my MP3 player (you can also connect your phone or tablet this way as well through the headphone socket on the device). Just select which aux port you are using through the mode button on the side or on the remote control. You can then put the MP3 player in the handy pocket on the rear. The supplied cable is not very long but is enough from to reach from aux 2 port to the MP3 player stored in the pocket.

Now as you may have noticed I haven’t mentioned the disco lights around the edge of the jukebox. These are great for parties, especially in a darkened room. There is a piece of white tubing on the front of the jukebox that contains different coloured LED lights that flash on and off, change colours and give that great disco effect. Now while great for parties you might not want these on all of the time so this jukebox has the option of switching the lights on or off by the mode button on the side or the lights on/off button on the remote control.

The supplied remote control is smaller than a credit card and controls power on/off, lights on/off, mute, volume up/down, tuning up/down, mode, reset and pair.

Overall, as I said at the very beginning of this review, I love this jukebox. The sound is great from its 4 x 6w speakers and more than loud enough. With the variety of connection options it is very versatile (although I do seem to use Bluetooth and MP3 the most). And the flashing LED lights give if that great old jukebox feel. As we are coming up to the Christmas party season this would make an excellent addition to any party especially with the flashing blue, green and red lights.

My only small negatives are that there is no display to let you know which radio station you are tuned to and the remote control. Maybe the addition of a small digital read-out for the radio tuning would make a vast improvement. As for the remote control I feel that the front face is not as good quality as the jukebox itself, although that could just be me being ultra-picky, maybe having it as one plastic unit would be better rather the fascia on the front.

The Intempo Bluetooth Jukebox is a great speaker that not only gives great sound, a great disco feel and a 1950s look but will also be a great conversation starter among your friends and family.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £149.99

Available to buy from Intempo here.


Disclosure: I was provided the this for free for purposes of writing the review. My review is honest and impartial.

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  1. I have just got one today for 50pounds I have got a iPad but I have not yet set it up yet I did try and put it to blue but it said it was out of range so I will have to try again do you have to have a 3.5mmcable for t or not let me know at g.sinclair8@ ntl world .com hope to hear from you soon

  2. Do you know why my aux keeps turning itself off whilst plugged into my phone? I have full charge but then it’s cuts out after a few songs are played

  3. Do you know how I can take it of stand by its stuck on stand by nd don’t know how to get it of so I can use it any help


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