Edifier CineSound B3 Soundbar Review

B3 Soundbar

The Edifier B3 Soundbar is a great addition to any television!

You have a great picture on you television and maybe watching things in HD, but what about the sound? Are you still using the inbuilt speakers that came with the television? Want better sound but don’t want the clutter of a home theatre system (along with associated cables) around the room? I have been trying out the Edifier CineSound B3 Soundbar and think I now have to buy one (the one I am using for this review is just on loan).

The Edifier B3 Soundbar comes with RCA connections (Line In), Aux in, Coaxial, Optical, Sub Out and best of all Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless connection. If you want a better version the B7 comes with an 8” subwoofer. It measures 100cm x 8cm, contains 4 speakers and 2 tweeters giving around 70 watts of crisp sound, has a Digital Sound Processing (DSP) system and is supplied in black with a remote control, cables and wall mounting for around £150. A great compliment to any television.

So is a £150 soundbar any good? The simple answer is yes, at least I think so.

There are a variety of connection options and I first connected to the television using the supplied RCA cables – this is just a matter of plugging in the colour coded cables. I did find using this option that while the sound was clear and distortion free it wasn’t loud enough and did benefit from a subwoofer being plugged in.

I then tried connected wirelessly using the Bluetooth connection. This was very simple to do, I just tuned on Bluetooth on my tablet (I tried on Android tablet and iPad) and it found the soundbar straightaway so all I had to do was click connect. The sound was much louder and crisp using this option and was flawless. It has a range of 10 metres so worked fine throughout the house.

To control the soundbar you can use the buttons on the side of the unit or using the small but practical remote control.

B3 Soundbar Remote

The B3 Soundbar has a nice feature that after 10 minutes or so of no activity it will switch to standby mode to conserve energy.

Overall, apart from the lower sound quality using the RCA cable (I don’t know if that was down to the television itself) I love the soundbar. It looks great, is very sturdy with its triangular design and connectivity is simple.

A great edition to any television, home theatre, tablet or even your phone.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £149.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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