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Well the school holidays will soon be coming to an end. I have bought most of the new school uniforms and all need labelling, which is a task I hate. With 5-year-old twins, that’s a lot of uniforms, PE kits, shoes, trainers and wellies to add their names to. Usually I write on all the labels with a pen but after a few washes I usually have to label them again and can be quite time consuming.

There are lots of different products on the market to labels clothes; pens, stick-on labels, sew-on labels, iron-on labels and stamps. Having used most of these options my favourite and most reliable has to be the Stamptastic name stamp.

The Stamptastic stampers are very easy to personalise and order from their website. I ordered the Standard Stamp. This can be personalised with one of two lines of text, with a choice of 8 fonts (Arial Narrow, Arial, Arial Unicode, Comic Sans MS, Adabi, Dancing Script, Plantin Infant and Sassoon Infant Com Regular) and 7 font sizes (14 to 20). You can also add an icon (i.e. animal) from a large selection if you name enough space after adding your text.

I choose two lines of text and no icon. As you type the name that you want on the stamp you are given a live preview so you can see if it will fit on the stamp. I also ordered the ink pad that has a special ink so you can stamp almost any item, not just clothes, and the ink will stay put (according to the Stamptastic website the stamp is usable on most fabrics, metal, wood and some plastics).

My order arrived after a few days and I was kept informed of order and dispatch by email.

When it arrived, I was putting on a load of washing so decided to stamp some of the clothes to see if the ink would stay put or fade. Stamping the clothes was simple and the two lines of text fit nicely on to the tags in their jumpers. The ink was black and bold and very easy to read. I stamped 2 jumpers and 2 polo shirts and added to my wash. After washing, the names were still on the labels and just as bold and readable as when first stamped. But that wasn’t good enough for me, I wanted to see if it held up to several washes. I washed the same clothes 3 more times and was very impressed that the ink has stayed and is still readable.

I am very impressed with the Stamptastic personalised name stamp and ink. It is very easy to use and has stayed on the clothes after several washes. I have now stamped all the boys school uniform, school bags and shoes and all in a fraction of the time of writing on or using other methods.

No more having to check their school clothes after each wash to see if their names have stayed on.

The standard stamp and ink pad cost £22 for both. While I initially thought that was a little bit on the expensive side, it really isn’t. It has stamped all the clothes and I won’t have to worry about keep relabelling and the amount of time it saved stamping all their uniform, PE kits and shoes is worth the cost alone.

The quality of the stamp is excellent and feels quite durable.

If you haven’t labelled you children’s school clothes yet then I can highly recommend buying a Stamptastic name stamp today, you won’t be disappointed.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: Personalised Stamp £11 / Stamptastic Ink Pad £12.

For more information or to order you stamp today visit

DISCLOSURE: I was provided with a free stamp and ink pad for the purposes of writing an honest and impartial review. All opinions are my own.
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