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Sleep, something every single person on the planet needs and does. Some more than others, some have trouble sleeping and get very little, but we all sleep and need it to recharge and be able to function on a daily basis – it is an essential function. The NHS recommends that on average adults generally need between 7-9 hours of sleep per night, children 9-13 hours, babies and toddlers 12-17 hours. A good night’s sleep is essential to good health and helps our brains and bodies to recover from the stresses and strains of everyday life and also helps to organise our thoughts.

A good night’s sleep requires good ‘sleep hygiene’ – that doesn’t mean just changing the bedding. Good sleep hygiene includes routine and keeping regular sleep hours – going to bed at around the same time every night and getting up around the same time every morning– yes, even on weekends. It also involves not eating before going to bed, or in bed, watching television in bed etc.

A good night’s sleep is good for your health, mind and body, and helps to regulate your body clock. It has many health benefits including a better memory, better concentration and better productivity. A bad night’s sleep can make you more tired, irritable, slow you down, mood swings and in my case waking up with migraines.

For me, whilst I try to stick to a fairly regular sleep routine, having a good quality mattress and pillow is a must. I have tried lots of pillows over the years, I don’t know what I do to them whilst sleeping but I tend to ruin them quite quickly. I have tried bounce back pillows (that stop bouncing back), firm pillows, soft pillows, different fillings and even one that had a plastic insert to keep its shape. It was getting to the point that I was changing my pillow every few months or so (rather than the recommended 18 months to 2 years) either because they lost their shape or were just really uncomfortable.

To manage my migraines, I have prevention tablets that I take in the mornings and special tablets to take as soon as I feel the onset of a migraine. I also use heat and cold when I get a migraine. One of the things that has really worked for me to reduce waking up with a migraine is a better, more supportive pillow. Pillows are just not about firmness levels and depending on how you sleep, back or side sleeper, determines what type of pillow you need. After trying lots of pillows and was told I needed a firm gusseted pillow (walled pillow). One that was recommended to me was the OTTY Deluxe Pillow, which I have been using for a long time now and is definitely the best pillow I have used to date and it does help with my migraines as well.

The OTTY Deluxe Pillow, is a memory foam pillow. It is hypo-allergenic with machine washable covers; it is breathable and features a cool airflow system to help regulate temperature whilst you sleep. It is suitable for side sleepers or back sleepers based on the density of the memory foam and helps to better support your head, neck and shoulders for a better night’s sleep.

This pillow is quite heavy and firm and when I first got it, I didn’t think that it would be conducive for a good night’s sleep, thankfully I couldn’t have been more wrong. My head, neck and shoulders are much better supported and if I do have a bad sleep, for once, it is not the fault of my pillow. And I have been using the pillow long enough for it to be ruined by my heavy head but unlike all my other pillows, it has kept its shape perfectly.

As a pillow, it is perfect. It is very comfortable, very supportive and hasn’t lost any of its shape (and doesn’t look like it will). Whilst it is perfect for a comfortable night’s sleep, the main reason I got it was to help with my migraines. While my migraines haven’t gone (I doubt that they ever will after having them for decades) the OTTY Deluxe pillow is definitely helping to reduce waking up with them and certainly means I don’t wake up with any neck or shoulder pain. It is definitely helping to support my neck and shoulder much better. I overheat very quickly, which doesn’t help with migraines, but with this pillow it is much cooler and I am not overheating as much, the temperature regulating airflow in the pillow seems to work very well.

The pillow also has a removable cover which is machine washable at 40 degrees (the memory foam middle isn’t machine washable). This cover is very easy to remove and put back on – it zips on and off.

Overall, the OTTY Deluxe Pillow is the best pillow I have used to date. It is definitely a luxurious, extremely comfortable pillow with excellent support and for me has lots of health benefits as it is helping with my migraines, keeping my sleeping temperature down and giving me a very good night’s sleep. At £64.99 it isn’t a cheap pillow but is definitely worth the cost (and it won’t need replacing as often as my previous pillows so over the long term works out cheaper).

The OTTY Deluxe Pillow is a top-quality pillow, it really is a pillow you must try to believe it – but I doubt that you will be disappointed. It makes sleeping so much more enjoyable. It is a pillow that not only provides a better night’s sleep, but it has many health benefits as well as the better support is reducing the number of times that I wake up with a headache, migraine or neck & shoulder pain. Now I just need to get another to stop my partner pinching it (I might even try the OTTY Deluxe Pure Pillow)!

Whilst this is an excellent pillow, just a point of note – when first using the OTTY Deluxe Pillow you might notice a slight chemical smell (I couldn’t smell it but by partner said she could), this is normal and will disappear after a day or two.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £64.99

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Disclosure: All thoughts and opinions are my own
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