Clear Confidence Plastic-free Shaving Brush Review

Shaving Brush

Shaving is a pain, I hate it. But as I don’t like beards unfortunately it is something I have to do (much to the annoyance of my partner who would prefer me to have some kind of George Michael / Don Johnson designer stubble). As I have to shave I have been using a plastic-free double edge safety razor from Clear Confidence, an eco-friendly vegan brand, so thought I would try their plastic-free shaving brush as well.

A wet shave is still the best type of shave. A wet shave generally gives you a smoother and closer shave with less irritation. I would imagine that must people are like me and just rub shaving gel or foam onto their face to get a nice lather before shaving. Doing it with a shaving brush creates a superb lather on your face, massaging into the skin to vastly reduce irritation and preps your skin perfectly before shaving – it softens and elevates facial hair better than your fingers for a much nicer and smoother shave.

Clear Confidence are a vegan, plastic-free and eco-friendly personal care company. Within their range, they feature a 100% vegan shaving brush that uses only eco-friendly materials! A shaving brush with 100% plastic-free construction using grass-based (sisal) bristles rather than the more common badger or boar hair and a wooden handle.

This shaving brush massages the skin gently, whilst gently lathering your skin, exfoliating and enhancing blood flow. This reduces the chances of irritation, redness and razor burn.

  • Work up a great lather to lubricate razors against your face
  • Massage and exfoliate the skin for a smoother finish
  • Prep and soften hairs for easy shaving
  • Reduce irritation, redness, soreness, razor burn and ingrown hairs
  • Superb quality long-lasting shaving brush

Overall, I have really enjoyed using the Clear Confidence plastic-free shaving brush, especially in conjunction with their plastic-free safety razor. The grass-based bristles have a slightly rough feel to them and feel quite firm, but they do an excellent job of lathering up the shaving foam and applying it to my face, gently exfoliating my skin as well, which help to reduce blade friction and decreases the risk of ingrowing hairs.

With its eco-friendly, cruelty-free, plastic-fee and vegan credentials the Clear Confidence plastic-free shaving brush is perfect for eco-conscious people and those that want to live a greener lifestyle. And it works extremely well. It feels very good quality and if cared for properly will last a long time.

Before I used it, I would have said that putting shaving foam on your face with your fingers would be the same as with a shaving brush, but the brush is better. The gentle massaging action ensures that the facial hair is lifted and softened, with the foam lathering up nicely and covering superbly, making shaving a much more pleasant job. This results in a smooth shave without as much skin irritation or redness.

Looking after the brush is easy, it is simple and very low maintenance. Just give it a quick rinse and store it with the bristles facing down to naturally dry. The bristles are less absorbent than animal hair versions so dry a lot quicker.

The Clear Confidence plastic-free shaving brush is excellent for anyone that likes to wet shave. It looks and feels luxurious, it is well-constructed and feels like it will last a long time and it even comes with a 1-year durability guarantee as well as a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee – no questions asked! The bristles feel good against the skin whilst at the same time being firm enough to create a good lather and raise the hair for shaving.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £14.97 (includes free UK shipping)

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Disclosure: I received this item for free for the purposes of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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