Safety 1st Smart Rewards Potty Review

Safety 1st Smart Rewards Potty

The Safety 1st Smart Rewards Potty is a great device for encouraging children to sit and use the potty.

I am current busy potty training twin boys and was looking for something different than a standard potty to try and encourage them to use it more. After looking around I came across the Safety 1st Smart Rewards Potty. After reading all the benefits; encouraging singing when first sitting down, encouraging remarks when a deposit is detected and a reward sticker to fill in the supplied reward chart when successfully used I decided to purchase one (even though at £25 it seemed expensive, but I felt that if it encouraged them to use it then its done its job and worth the money).

So once it arrived I put it together, the back needs to be slotted into the potty and the sensor cable connected, and installed 3x AAA batteries (not supplied). Once the boys saw it, to them it was nothing but a potty until one sat on it and was played a musical greeting – so for the first 30 minutes they were setting off the seat sensor getting it to play music and sing to them (they soon worked out that they could just push down on the seat to activate the seat sensor).

Now playing with it was finished one decided he needed to actually use it and once he made his first deposit was greeted with encouraging phrases well done, flush, wash your hands etc… and was reminded to collect a reward sticker to add to the reward chart (2 charts and sticker rolls supplied). There is a sticker dispenser on the “cistern” of the potty that by twisting the wheel on the rear dispenses a sticker, although they soon figured out how to get a sticker without the wheel being turned. If nothing is detected in the potty they are encouraged to try again.

Safety 1st Smart Rewards Potty

So now they have both been using it (although sometimes they still go back to their old potty – as they are twins the old potty is still in the room in case they need to go at the same time), and they like hearing the music and encouragement plus the flashing lights when “flushed” it is getting a lot of use and their reward charts are filling up. And once they progress a bit more the top part can be removed and placed on the toilet seat as a trainer seat that fits most toilets. The cup is easily removed once the seat is lifted for easy emptying and cleaning.

So while the boys love it and it is encouraging them to use it there are some negatives; the biggest for me being that the removable splash guard/deflector shield for boys is very poorly designed, it just pushes into place so when they sit down any light touch knocks it off and if lucky enough to stay in place they touch it and it falls off – it really needs to be a fixed piece or maybe have a screw or clips to keep it in place or even just plastic guide rails for it to slide into so that it doesn’t come off with the slightest of touches. The other negatives, at least for me personally, is that the musical greeting goes on too long (although the boys love it, at least for now) and the sticker dispenser the boys can pull the stickers out rather than having to twist the wheel on the back to dispense them.

So overall, I have so far found it great for encouraging them to use it as it gives words of encouragement when they sit down, when they do something in it and even encouragement to try again later if they have sat on it but didn’t do anything, so I would recommend it but it does need some small improvements to the splash guard and sticker dispenser to make it perfect. The noises while may be annoying for adults, encourages the kids (and the sounds can always be switched off at the back with the on/off switch).

At £25-£30 (depending on where you buy it) it is expensive for a potty but the sensors, encouraging music and noises plus reward stickers I think it is worth the outlay especially if it helps speed up toilet training and less wet floors. So while it does have some flaws it is doing the job.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £30

Available to buy from Amazon for £24.99 from Amazon here.

4 Star

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