I CAN Chatter Matters DVD Review

Chatter Matters

Chatter Matters is a DVD for children’s speech and language development aimed at parents, carers and teachers.

I was recently sent the Chatter Matters DVD from I CAN, the children’s communication charity, to help 3 year old twins develop their speech and communication skills. With over 1 million children in the UK having some speech and language difficulties it is a DVD that is packed with useful information for parents, carers and parents-to-be from Dr Tanya Byron, speech and language experts and real life families.

The DVD is split up into 6 helpful sections so you can view in whatever order suits you best and makes it much easier to go back and watch a section relevant to you and your child. It even has a section for helpful information which has website and phone numbers for different speech and language resources, charities and organisations.


The DVD also comes with mini posters from Baby to Pre-school to check the progress of the child communication development.

After watching the DVD I found it to be very useful and backed up what the boys speech therapist has been teaching them plus contained lots more useful information for parents that have dealt with speech and language problems within their own families. It goes through how to speak to children on their level from birth onwards, how to use every day activities such as shopping and turn it in to a fun learning exercise and how even watching television can be turned from a negative into a positive to interact with the children.

A very resourceful DVD that everybody involved with children from parents to schools will find very useful whether the children have difficulty communicating or not. A very helpful guide on how to get your child’s communications skills off to a great start.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £9.99

For more information and resources, visit speechandlanguage.org.uk.


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