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2021 is a world of computers, phones and software. A world where we do everything from writing an email, posting on social media, keeping our diaries and organising our money on our devices. We use our computers and even phones for everything – directions, paying bills, entertainment and more. But as good as our hardware is, there is always something we want or need to do that requires some extra piece of software.

In a day and age where most things are done on the computer, including receiving and sending important documents (insurance cover, contracts, letters, etc.), what do you do when you receive a document that requires your signature? Do you print it off, sign it and send in back in the post? Do you have to print it, sign it and scan it into the computer to send back? It all seems a long-winded way to sign something. Some documents you can digitally sign but that has no resemblance to your actual signature. So when you receive a PDF file that requires your actual signature how are you going to do it?

Well, ASCOMP have some up with a very easy way to convert PDF documents to image files so that you can easily add your signature image to the documents. No printing or scanning required. And its very fast to do so.

PDF Imager is a small piece of inexpensive and easy to use software for your computer (supports Microsoft Windows 7 upwards and Microsoft Server 2012 upwards) that quickly and easily converts PDF documents (single pages or whole documents) to image files (supports popular image formats: BMP, JPEG, PNG, EPS, GIF and TIFF).

Anyone who should ever sign a PDF document knows the problem: How do I convert a PDF into an image file so that I can insert my signature graphic in Paint or Photoshop at the desired location?

With PDF Imager, this is child’s play! The software converts one or, if desired, all pages of the selected PDF document into an image file. The most common image formats are supported. In addition to BMP, JPEG and PNG, EPS, GIF and TIFF are available as target formats.

PDF Imager is characterised by its simple and intuitive interface – you save valuable time when converting your PDFs!

The software is free to download and use for 14 DAYS without any limitations, allowing you to see for yourself just how simple and quick this software is to use (and then is a one-off cost of circa £12 to £22, depending on what license you buy).

So how simple and fast is it to actually use? Well, after I installed it and opened the software, there is just the one interface to select the options. The interface is uncluttered and well laid out and very straightforward to understand. You add your PDF file (click the very visible LOAD PDF DOCUMENT text and select the PDF file you want to convert), you can easily navigate to the page you require if you just want a single page using the left and right arrows next to the image of the loaded PDF file. On the right of the window, you select options for current page or whole document (All Pages), select the image format you would like the output file to be saved as (BMP, JPEG, PNG, EPS, GIF or TIFF) and then select the folder that you want the file saved. Once all these options are set you just click the Convert PDF button and seconds later (and I do mean seconds for a single page, slightly longer for whole documents depending on the number of pages) you have a PDF converted to an image (or images). Once converted, you can then easily add your signature graphic using your preferred image program.

For single PDF page documents, this is excellent. For whole documents, you can end up with lots of image files as each page of the original PDF file is converted to an image file – so only use the ALL PAGES option when you really do have to.

Overall, ASCOMP’s PDF Imager software is very quick and easy to use. Using this software you have a digital document with your actual signature on it in seconds – less time than it takes to find a printer, print it, sign it, scan it and return it – and a whole lot easier!

It costs €13.90/$13.90 (£11.93 approx. in Euros) for a Private License (individual license) for one user, max two computers or €24.90/£24.90 (£21.37 approx. in Euros) for a Company License for a maximum of five users on a maximum of five computers. This is for lifelong use with updates for two years included.

ASCOMP’s PDF Imager is a very quick and easy to use piece of software to help you sign PDF documents with ease. Fuss free and straightforward it will be an asset to any busy office or even home user and with no complicated learning process as it is ready to use as soon as its installed.

Rating: 5/5

Cost: 14 Day Free Trial then €13.90/€24.90

For more information or to download the free trial, visit

DISCLOSURE: I received this product for free for the purpose of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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