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DISCLOSURE: In exchange for an honest and impartial review I was gifted a free oven cleaning service from Fantastic Services.

Spring has sprung and we are now coming into summer. During the Spring months when everything is becoming new and fresh, we also like to refresh our homes and give them a really deep clean. Scrubbing floors, cleaning carpets, possibly even refreshing the paintwork. We all like our house sparkly clean and tidy, but how many people forgot about cleaning the inside of the oven? I know I did.

The oven is used on an almost daily basis, but once that door is closed most of us forget about the insides. After all who is looking into it, we say as we ignore the dirty stains on the oven door and forgetting at one time you could see through it at what was cooking. While the external parts are cleaned regularly, unfortunately the internals are missed or put aside as a got to do job. While I have cleaned my oven as best I can previously using oven spray and the bags you put the trays in, they do a good job but could be better. So when I was offered a professional oven clean from Fantastic Services I readily agreed as I was interested to see how much cleaner a professional service could make it.

Fantastic Services are the complete One-Stop Shop for All Home Services offering a wide range of services such as domestic cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, gardening and landscaping, pest control, oven cleans and lots more, throughout London and the UK. They currently offer 25+ FANTASTIC SERVICES.

All the services can easily be booked on the Fantastic Services website and you can check availability and prices before booking. All services are not available in all areas yet, but are growing all the time. An oven clean starts from £49 for a single oven.

My slot was booked for 3pm and the technician arrived on time and before entering the house fitted shoe covers to his shoes which is very thoughtful. I have had tradespeople through the house before and this is not something I have really seen previously. He arrived with a bag of cleaning gear and a metal dip tray, all he needed from me was somewhere to work and some water.

After taking some before photos he got to work. For the next hour he was constantly working away. He started by laying down some plastic to catch any dirt, water and cleaning fluids. He checked the oven worked, then removed the trays, shelves, door seal and got to work. He put the removable parts into the dip tray to soak so I left him to it as I really doubt he needed an audience, after all it wasn’t a demonstration in oven cleaning.


While I caught up with some work, he got to work on the oven. An hour later he announced that he was finished, and I must say that I was surprised at home well he had done. I could see through the oven door again, just like the day I bought the oven. The shelves were gleaming and shining, back to their original colour. The walls, floor and rear on the inside of the oven were spotless.

He had also cleaned the hob. I though this was pretty much clean before he started except for a stubborn patch at the back near the vents. I had tried several times with various different cleaners, scrubbers and chemicals to remove this stain with no luck and had accepted that is was there to stay. After a professional got his hands on it, the stain was completely gone, very impressive.

I don’t know what they use to clean the oven, but its very impressive, it really with be a shame to use the oven again and ruin such a fantastic job.

Overall, I am very impressed with the FANTASTIC service. The technician that arrived was prompt, friendly, polite and very tidy. He worked tirelessly for the full hour, no tea breaks or feeling the need to play on his phone every 10 minutes, he just got on with the job at hand. Once he had finished, he tidied up after himself and put any rubbish in the bin. He had reached into all the hard to reach spots, removed even the most stubborn stains and made the oven nearly new again. You couldn’t ask for anything more.

This is the closest you will ever get to a new sparkly oven without buying a brand new sparkly oven.

If you decide to use their services regularly you can join their Fantastic Club for £59 per year (about £1.14 per week) and save money on each service (i.e. Domestic Cleaning is from £16 buy with Fantastic Club membership is from £13).

The Fantastic Services Oven Clean was a first class, truly professional and through service, from arriving at the door to leaving. This is my first time using Fantastic Services and based on the quality of the job I received I would have to say their name is very apt and #ThatsFantastic.

Rating: 5/5

Fantastic Services Oven Clean service starts from £49. For more information or to make a booking visit

To receive a £10 discount on your first Fantastic Service go to

Disclosure: I received this service for free for the purposes of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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