How To Turn A Harsh Look Into A Warm One

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When you buy a new house, you want to embrace all of its quirks and all the white space that you get. It can look refreshing, particularly for a new build, to be the blank space that you get to fill up with all of your personal things. You also had the opportunity to make this stark-white, harsh looking house into a place that reflects your personality and makes your home look warm and welcoming.

There are always ways to keep a house looking minimalist, with lots of white and blank space, but do you really want to live somewhere that feels cold? Probably not. So, with all of that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can make your house warmer, more welcoming and looking fantastic.

Make An Entrance

Whether you use a side door or the front door of the house, you want to make an impression on your guests. This is their first look at your house, and the last thing that you want here is for them to feel like your home is not the place to feel welcome and happy. Painting the front door a bold hue like a bright blue or red can break up the monotony of grey and beige in your home. You want to show off your personality in your colour preferences, and you want to paint it a colour that will offer a lot of curb appeal, too.

Indoor Comforts

The way you can impact your home the most is inside the house, and so you should focus on zones for comfort and making sure that you offer warmth. You can do this by heading to Carpet One to buy new rugs to add layers, and putting carpets down instead of vinyl. Add throw pillows in appropriate rooms and add blankets on sofas and beds, too.  It’ll give your home the impression of cosiness and calm!

Accessorise Warmly

Adding personality in the form of photographs and artwork are essential. You can print off pictures of people that you love and times that you remember and create a gallery wall for your guests to see and for you to enjoy. You can even buy some paintings and get them hung up on those blank walls to fill them with colour and warmth.

Install REAL Warmth

Most houses don’t have a proper gas fireplace, but you can replicate the look with one of your own. Electric fireplaces have the same effect as a gas or wood one, but you get it without ripping out half the house. You can add warmth and save on your bills, and you can really enjoy the actual warmth that this type of fireplace would bring.

These tips will make your harsh and minimalist home feel more comfortable, leading to you feeling like you’ve put your personality all over your house. Take your time and choose warmth; you’ll have so much fun adding it to the white walls!

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