Insulate Your Home Against the Icy Cold with These Tips


It’s getting colder, and many people will already have put their heating on. If you love to decorate your home, you might be getting out some comfy cushions and cosy blankets. These things might help to keep you warm, as well as looking good, but they won’t heat your whole house. Many homes suffer from escaping heat during the winter, and it can be a disaster. Not only could you be cold, but it can raise your energy bills trying to heat the house too. Better insulation can make a huge difference to the warmth of your home. Here are some steps you can take to achieve it.

Insulate Your Roof, Loft and Walls

Insulation in your roof or, if you have one, your loft or attic is vital. It stops the heat from escaping from the top of the property. If you don’t already have insulation or your roof is only partially insulated, you might be eligible for a government grant. These are available to property owners who need to insulate, including landlords and pensioners. You may also need to insulate cavity walls and solid walls. There are grants available for these tasks too. You don’t need to meet any eligibility criteria, but some areas have higher priority.

Replace the Windows

A lot of heat can escape through old windows too. Although newer homes all have double glazed windows, there are older ones that haven’t been updated. If your property is one of them, you should seriously consider new windows. It’s a wise investment if you want to improve the look of your home and save on heating bills. As well as having only single-pane glass, old windows might have tired frames. They may let heat out of the home and let cold air in. New windows solve these problems and give your home better kerb appeal.


Draught-proof Your Home

Draughts might not only leak in from the windows. They can also occur from gaps and cracks in walls, floors, and more. You can take steps to insulate your home by draught-proofing each room. You can start by looking for places where there might be air leaks. Look around windows and doors, including at things like keyholes and letterboxes. If you have pipes that lead outside, these could leave gaps for draughts. Even electrical fittings might have draughts around them.

Insulate Your Heating System

It could also help to warm your home a lot if you insulate parts of your heating system… For example, your water tank, pipes and radiators can all be insulated. It can make your heating more efficient and save you money. Your tank may already have an insulating jacket around it. However, make sure it’s at least three-quarters of a centimetre thick. You can insulate any exposed pipes with pipe insulation too. When it comes to radiators, insulating behind them can make everything more efficient.

Insulating your home can help you avoid losing heat. You’ll save money and be warmer by taking some of these smart steps.

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