It’s the Little Things: Small Changes to Your Home for a Big Difference


You don’t always realise how much some changes to your home can make a difference. You don’t have to spend huge amounts of money on updating your house if you think it’s time for a change. Just a few relatively minor additions or alterations could make a world of difference to your home. The things you might not think of as a big deal can have a larger impact on your life than you imagine. It only takes a little luxury to make you wonder why you didn’t make some changes long ago. If your home needs some updates, consider these small alterations.

Heated Towel Rails

Are your bathrooms looking a little dull? Perhaps you’re fed up with damp towels hanging in various places around your home. One way to make a big difference with just one change is to consider a heated towel rail. This one bathroom addition has several benefits to your home and family. Firstly, it can make your bathroom look great. Secondly, it’s a convenient place to hang both wet and dry towels to keep them warm and dry. No more hanging towels over radiators, banisters, or backs of chairs! You’ll wish you had bothered to do it before and wonder why you didn’t.

New Lighting

New lights for your home doesn’t have to mean installing completely new fixtures. It can be as simple as switching out the light bulbs for something new. If your home always seems a little dark and dim, switching out normal bulbs for GU10 LED bulbs could solve the problem. LEDs are generally brighter, and they’re longer lasting too. And despite their superior performance, they also use less energy than traditional light bulbs. Don’t let the initial cost of changing your bulbs put you off. You’ll soon get the money back in energy savings.

Change of Flooring

For a slightly bigger change, altering the floor in your home can have an impressive impact. Many homes in the UK have carpeting across most, if not all, of the floors. However, this is extremely uncommon in some other countries, particularly warmer ones. Of course, carpet can help to keep your home warmer, which is essential in the UK. If you’re worried about heat, consider using rugs on a hard floor or even installing underfloor heating if you can. Changing the flooring in your home doesn’t have to be a drastic change. You can get temporary or easy to install materials.

Extra Storage

If there’s one thing that can make a difference in any home, it’s more storage. So many people have too much stuff in their home that has nowhere to live. It makes everything untidy and difficult to keep straight. But even the simplest of storage solutions can make a difference. Think about how you use your home and what gets left out. Hooks by the front or back door could prevent people leaving their coats and accessories strewn about, for example.

It doesn’t take much to make a difference to your home. Just a small change can alter the way you use it forever.

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