Which Rooms In The House Refurbishment And Redecoration Apply To


A common situation many homeowners find themselves in when they’re either bored of their home or want to sell it. There is a logical order to things because regardless of your reason, in certain types of rooms you can only do so much to add value and renewment. Choosing one or the other will determine the best outcome because different rooms have parallel functions. Therefore, a blanket approach to improve your home can work sometimes, but for a high-quality renovation project, where funds may be restricted, venturing down the rabbit hole often proves fruitless. It really all depends just exactly what you want to change about your home, replacing the current status quo with what precisely? Before you head down this critical path of no return, you need to know the basics of what the commons questions are about renovation; i.e. to refurbish or redecorate?

What’s the difference?

Renovating comes in many forms as the end goal is to change a home into something unrecognizable, without actually changing the structure, size, and shape. The deeper route is to refurbish, but, this mainly only applies to appliance-centred rooms, such as the kitchen and bathroom, while every other room in the house is mainly for leisure, such as the dining room, bedrooms and living room. Therefore, for the latter rooms, changing the style is more important than changing the function, because truthfully, apart from an addition of some new technology in the form of gadgets, there’s not a whole lot you can renovate. Kitchens and bathroom are filled with appliances, and it’s where the cooking, storage, sleeping, and work is done.

Kitchen and bedroom

If you’re planning a new kitchen, to sell your home, you’re most likely not too concerned about the paint or wallpaper scheme; it’s the facilities you’re going to focus on. When you’re remodelling the kitchen, you need to think about possibly increasing the size of the sink, and taps with pressure washing taps that have flexible cords. Taps like these are great for hand washing, as the flexibility of the design, allows you to get in the nooks and crannies of the dishes, pots, sauce pans, sieve, baking trays, etc. Equally the cupboards can be removed and new ones put in; this is something people do in order to modernize the home, in preparation for selling.

Same with the bedroom, the beds, desk, light fixtures, ceiling fan, drawers, and wardrobes are replaced and newer, more capable fixtures and appliances put in. Refurbishment requires the key organs of a room being changed so the functionality increases and gives more options to the homeowner.

Hallways and living room

Scraping the current wallpaper and plastering is the first and most tedious, time-consuming task that awaits any redecorating mission. Redecorating is done to improve the look, feel and ambiance of the home; purely aesthetic. The colour scheme, genre, mood and style of a room can be changed simply by the designs of walls, ceiling, and stylish decor. The lamps, tables, chairs, sofa, and shelves create the mood. If you plan on redecorating, these items should be on your list of priorities to replace with updated and contemporary designs.

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