Plumbing Mistakes That Will Have You Leaking Money Everywhere


So, you have a plumbing problem in the home and it might cost you big time. You’ve got a leak, a drip, an uncontrollable flow coming from one of your taps. You need that tap working, obviously, so you want the issue put to bed as soon as possible. But just hiring help expecting everything to be cut and dry is a mistake. One you might be paying out the nose for. So, what can you do to ensure that your plumbing costs stay reasonable or that you can at least reasonably deal with them?

Not finding out if you can do it yourself

There are a lot of DIY-phobes out there. But we are all capable of some of the most basic plumbing fixes. For example, if you’re experiencing a drip in the tap that’s harder and harder to turn off, it’s not too difficult to inspect and replace the rubber washer. If you keep trying to force it, then you start dealing with a tap that will become harder and harder to turn on and off because you’re wearing it down. If you’ve sprung a serious leak then, yes, perhaps you need to shut off the mains and call some help immediately. If the problem is less serious, then take the time to investigate whether you might be able to deal with it yourself.

Not expecting the unexpected costs

Going back to the above example, if you think that your main problem is that your tap is stuck in place, then you might think the washer is the main problem. However, in a lot of cases, the taps might need to be replaced entirely because you didn’t fix the washer sooner. That’s just one example of how plumbing costs can legitimately shoot much more than you expect. When calling a plumber, make sure you’re aware it might cost more than you expect. There are always options if it turns out beyond your budget. The best loans for bad credit can help you see that extra cash in your hands quickly without too rigorous an application process. Though it’s a good idea to try and head the problem off at the pass. In future, budget a little aside for household emergencies.

Not vetting their plumbers

In an emergency, you might be willing to reach out to the first person available in your area. However, finding the best tradesmen means spending a little more time to gauge whether or not you’re truly likely to get a good deal. For instance, make sure they have reviews or testimonials online. If a review is purely positive without caveat, it might be one that plumber bought and paid for. Get a quote done beforehand, too, so you can see how transparent they are about their pricing. Against that quote, there’s plenty of advice on the internet about how much a certain service should cost. You might not necessarily be getting the same service at the end, depending on what the plumber discovers. But a transparent, reasonable quote before the job is done is more likely to lead to a similarly qualified bill at the end.

It surprises thousands of people a year to find out how much more a plumbing job costs than they expected it to. Perhaps they could have done it themselves for much cheaper. Or been more reasonable in their expectations. Maybe even avoid getting ripped off. Either way, that shock is usually avoidable.

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