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Our homes are the one place we have to unwind and get away from it all. No matter how stressful and frantic a day has been, you’re comfortable knowing that as soon as you get home you can finally relax. Because every house has a certain amount of sentimental value, why wouldn’t you back it up by making your home as comfortable as possible? Here are a few tricks you may not have thought about.

First of all, warming things up. We’re getting towards the tail end of summer now, and we’re going to be in the peak of winter before you know it. A lot of people have issues with keeping their home warm, but there are many simple tricks to fix this. Letting the sun in during the day, getting thicker curtains, and blocking up decorative chimneys can all do wonders for keeping the home warmer during winter. If your home could do with a big renovation, then you may want to consider getting some energy efficient windows installed as well. New radiators can be a bit of an eyesore, but you can get some subtle, slimline designs like this Tilbrook radiator as an alternative. Make these changes now, and you won’t have to deal with the winter later!

Carrying out a big home décor project is another great way to make your home more comfortable. You might be sick to the back teeth of all those home décor slots on TV, or hearing people go on about their neutral colour schemes and Feng Shui. However, changing up your interior a little can have a massive effect on how good you feel coming through your front door. Softening jagged lines, using light to make a room feel bigger, and experimenting with different seating arrangements could all be things to consider. You can find more pointers at Apartment Therapy. They may not make much practical difference, but the psychological impact is undeniable.

Okay, making such large, sweeping changes to your home isn’t always possible. However, there are still many smaller changes you can make to create a more comfortable home. First of all, try keeping your electronics out of your bedroom, or at least somewhere more out of sight. No, I’m not just saying this because phones annoy me! The light from screens makes it harder for your brain to produce melatonin, which is essential to relaxation. Listening to classical music, even if that isn’t your bag, has been found to lower people’s heart rate and reduce stress. Getting too much artificial light during the day makes people drowsy, and ups stress hormones. If you’re home for a lot of the day, throw open the windows and switch off synthetic lights wherever possible. House plants can also make a home look more homely, and improve the air quality inside. These are just a few of the simpler tricks you can use to make your home more comfortable.

Take this advice, and soon enough you’ll start to feel even better about coming home after a long day!

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