Holiday Accommodation: Hotels vs Villas

So, it’s about that time again and you’re setting out plans for your next holiday. You know which sites you want to see, when you want to fly out, and have a plan for saving up for it. the only thing that’s missing is choosing your accommodation. If you’re going to a particularly touristy spot, then the first big decision will be between a hotel and a villa. Here are some of the pros and cons of both.


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The most obvious advantage to staying in a hotel rather than a villa is that you have almost everything taken care of for you. There’ll be staff around almost 24/7, whose job description entails making sure you’re as comfortable and satisfied as possible. There’ll be a good restaurant just below you, a maid who cleans your room up and makes the beds, room service, and probably a pool. Furthermore, the hotel will have all kinds of services just for tourists. They’ll be able to book excursions, provide you with directions, and steer you away from the neighbourhoods in the local area. The name of the game in the hotel business is luxury, or at least something that feels like luxury.

While all these perks are great, there’s one big disadvantage tied to the hotel option: the price! The food and drinks you’ll get in hotels will be notoriously expensive, from the pristine dinners to tiny bottles of water from the mini-bar. Furthermore, you won’t be able to simply choose to cook your own food one day, and eating out every night will certainly start to add up. Of course, you can make all of this cheaper by finding some all-inclusive deals. Going with a hotel also means that you’ll have to sacrifice some control and privacy in your holiday. You’ll be sharing communal spaces and facilities with other guests, and will have all your meals scheduled for you.


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With villas, the two main advantages are the sheer freedom and the extra space which you can’t get in a hotel. Instead of having to rush to get a plate at dinner, you’ll be able to choose when you eat, and set your own budget when it comes to food and drinks. If you have kids but want some quality time with your partner, then the space in a villa can be an absolute godsend. If the weather’s bad and you’re staying at a hotel, you’re going to be confined in a small space with some very antsy kids. In a villa, they’re sure to have some way of entertaining themselves. You’re also almost certain to find one in a rural area if you wanted to dodge Paris and take in some authentic French atmosphere.

On the other hand, renting a villa means that you’ll miss out on all the pampering and tourist services offered by hotels. If you want a bite to eat and all the shops are closed, there won’t be any room service. If you have no idea how to get to a certain attraction, you won’t have a helpful receptionist to lean on. Furthermore the added housework and cooking can take away the sense that you’re on holiday.

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