The Special Ingredients Of A Stress-Free Bathroom Renovation Everyone Forgets


When it comes to renovation, the bathroom is a room that requires a good deal more consideration than the rest. For one, any changes you make can have a huge effect on the value of the home. Both positive and negative. Then there’s also the importance of the room itself. There’s a lot of plumbing which means a lot of potential disasters, after all. Here, we’ll help you outline the ways to a more stress-free renovation.

Plan as thoroughly as you can

The first thing to do is to decide the budget and where it’s going to go. Then you need to start planning specifically. Don’t invite a renovator if you don’t have the following in check. Have you considered the lighting of the room? The amount of storage space? The standing space? The relative ease of reaching the toilet, bath or shower? How about ventilation and air flow? Will any plumbing need to be adjusted? These are the big questions that add to your budget. Failing to consider them, you can end up with a thoroughly incomplete bathroom.


Do plenty of research on contractors you use

When looking at a contractor, give them your plans to help them interpret them. As well as comparing the different quotes they offer, you should look at why they’re offering exactly that much. For instance, someone might be very cheap but they may have no examples of past work or recommendations. Those are the ones you want to give a miss. Take your time researching and deciding between your renovation team. A wrong choice there can either be pricey or downright fraudulent.


Know your own sources

One of the ways you can decrease the bills involved with any contractor is by taking more responsibility yourself. For instance, don’t let them be the ones to start buying the materials for the bathroom. If you know the taps you want or the bathroom panels for the walls and floors, get them yourself. You don’t know how likely they are to mark up any prices on those resources. Similarly, if you’re looking, you get a better look at the market and can make more informed decisions.


Be willing to get your own hands dirty

If you want to save even more on the costs of the contractors, give them less work to be done themselves. Besides the stuff like plumbing and bath fittings that you definitely need experience for, there’s plenty of work. For instance, you might be quite able to strip down the previous bathroom yourself. You can also be perfectly fine with doing your own tiles. The less you leave the contractor to do, the less you have to spend in the end. So see what bathroom renovation DIY you might be able to handle without paying for it.

As with any housing project, there’s going to be some stress and hard decisions involved. As long as you put the proper weight into what you can and can’t do, however, you should avoid a DIY SOS situation.

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