All Mod Cons: Modernising Your Living Room

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The living room is, in many ways, the centrepiece of a house. It’s where we have visitors come to relax, it shows our tastes and our lifestyle, but it is also the one room that gets overlooked in terms of being updated. We will always want to get the kitchen redecorated or paint the bedroom walls, but the living room seems to get left behind. It may be because of furniture, which is very expensive, but there are smaller changes you can make to help freshen up your living room without breaking the bank.


Do you have shelves full of DVDs, CDs, and books that you aren’t interested in anymore? What about the table in the centre of the room that nobody uses? What about the lamp in the corner that has needed a bulb for about 4 years?! Sometimes it’s best to do an inventory of everything that you have in your living room and ask yourself the fundamental question, “do I really need this?” “Do I care about it that much to keep it?” or “Do I even use it?” If the answer to any of those is “no,” then get rid of it or donate it! Clearing up some space can be incredibly invigorating to the living room.

Change Your Accent Pillows

We can’t all afford to change our couches or chairs all the time. If your budget permits, then looking for the right type of Chesterfield sofas can make a massive difference to modernising your living room. However, if you do need to modernise your living room on a smaller budget, then changing your accent pillows can alter the colour scheme to your room, and change the look of your couch. It’s amazing that, just by changing these pillows to a different colour scheme, will make it look like you’ve got a new couch!

Change Your Lighting

You may find that your living room has a lot of harsh lighting. So, if you try to make ways to increase natural light by moving obstacles away from the window, like furniture or heavy window treatments, this will help during the day to bathe your living room in natural light. During the evenings, the lighting should be warm and soft, and this can be achieved by moving your lamps further away, installing a dimmer switch, or by using bulbs with a lower wattage.


It depends on what style you would like to go for. If you are looking for a contemporary living room, you may wish to install mat pictures. Custom frames can be expensive, but they are worth it. The next best thing in terms of price is custom matting. You can try different borders and colours to show off your art or photograph collections in a style that suits your personality. Another decoration that adds some zest is an indoor plant such as a Japanese Peace Lily or terrariums. Adding some greenery not only adds a freshness to your living room, but it is also good for you as it is breathing more oxygen into your living space!

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