7 products that will make your work-at-home life much easier

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More of us are working from home than ever before. Commuting has become a nightmare for many, and what better way to work than from the comfort of your own home.

For those of us with pets or children it’s the ideal situation.

However, it does have certain drawbacks. The following 7 products provide solutions to some of those drawbacks and help boost your productivity!

Smart doorbell

One of the disadvantages of working from home is being interrupted by callers at the door. Even with an entry phone you still have to leave your desk.

Smart doorbells are a very new idea and can save a lot of time. Unlike a normal doorbell they’re connected to your smart phone.

You not only see who’s outside but talk to them on your phone as well. You can also let them in, which is ideal if you’re expecting a delivery.

Air purifier

Working from home can mean spending long hours at your desk. You may not always want the windows open, especially in winter.

Allergens and pollutants can quickly build up in an enclosed area which is especially bad if you suffer from asthma. Installing an air purifier ensures clean filtered air at all times.

Standing Desk

Long hours sitting at a desk can be bad for your back. Our bodies weren’t designed to lead the sedentary lifestyle many of us do today.

Regular visits to the osteopath may be avoided by replacing your desk with a standing desk. You don’t have to stand all day as the height can be easily adjusted.

It may take some getting used to, and you may find you can only tolerate an hour or so. Just do what feels comfortable as you don’t want to disrupt your work.


As a freelance worker there may be times you’ll need to attend meetings. These may be over Skype, phone, or in an office.

A smartpen allows you to take notes on special paper which records everything. A tiny video camera at the tip of the pen records not only what you’re writing but audio as well.

Headsets for telephones

Using a headset with your phone not only improves posture but may also increase your productivity. You can move around and talk, take notes, or continue working while you’re on the phone.

Headsets for telephones are also available with noise cancelling. This ensures a crystal clear sound no matter what’s going on in the background.


Boost productivity by organising tasks and setting time limits for each one. Using a timer allows you to stick to your schedule. Start with the most important task and tick each one off when completed.

Smartphone Charging

When you’re away from home it’s vital that your phone doesn’t lose power. Wireless charges are a great solution and are just as efficient as wall chargers.

Whether you’re a solopreneur with a home based business, or you have a team of employees, going green is not hard. Not only can you help the environment, but make your work space more pleasant as well.

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