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Are you interested in snapping up a few free items or products online? Of course, you are probably very excited about the idea. Everyone loves a freebie, and the internet is the perfect place to sniff them out. If you want to get the best freebies, you need to learn how to effectively search for them. Luckily, you are in the company of someone with more than 20 years of experience regarding freebie hunting.

In other words, you are about to learn some valuable tricks and get valuable advice on going for legit and worthwhile freebies. So, without wasting any more time, here are the secrets you should know.

Understand the Motive behind the Freebie

Something you should understand straight from the beginning is that companies use freebies as a marketing tool. And this might seem like obvious information right now, but you should understand the motive behind it. Sure, you are not physically putting down money for the sample or product. However, the company providing the freebie is going to want something in return.

So instead of asking you money, they ask a little bit of your time and possibly, some participation. For example, they could ask you to like a social media page they have up. Or they might ask for a review of the product. Essentially, you are making a trade where everyone wins. You get to test out the latest products for free, and the company can quickly establish a proof of concept while pushing advertising.

The Types of Freebies You Can Scout For

Obviously, listing all the products you can get for free online is going to take some time. But to give you some perspective on what people love to search for, here are some examples.

– Samples of perfume, which can include popular brands like Chanel

– Different foods and beverages

– You can even get some alcohol

– Makeup products are up for grabs as well

– Parents can pick up useful things for their babies and kids

– Toys and food for pets

– Supplements and vitamins

Where Do You Start Looking?

The most obvious place to start your search would be with us. Why? Because you’ll get a daily newsletter from WOWFreeStuff that shows you all the best places where freebies can be found. And the newsletter is compiled by us, the experts in the freebie hunting market.

However, you should never limit yourself, and if you want to test your skills, here are some good suggestions on where you can start.

– Start by signing up to a few newsletters, for example, the one we have on offer

– Stay up to date with social media because there are many freebies floating around there

– Look out for competitions and giveaways

– Become part of a testing panel

– Participate in surveys

If you are still feeling a little intimidated, just keep reading. We are not finished with our helpful guide yet.

Taking On the Role of Product Tester/Ambassador

Becoming an ambassador is a matter of networking with brands. More specifically, you want to find out whether the brands you are interested in are looking for people. As you are reading this, there are several brands on the lookout for people to represent them.

When you get assigned as an ambassador, the deal is to provide a review or detailed opinion about the product. And this is why you want to stay up to date with their social media pages. If they are looking for testers, their social media will show it first.

Keep in mind that they are looking for quality and honest reviews. If you won’t have the time to deliver this, you get a bad rep with the company.

In terms of asking whether people are needed, you can contact the brand directly. Alternatively, you can use a third-party like Superdrug.

To help you get started, here are some places that should have openings for ambassadors.

– Boots

– Soap & Glory

– Charles Worthington

– Skin Chemists

– Dr Botanicals

If you are running a blog or a website with a strong following, you can use this to your advantage. So, if you can build an online following through your reviews, it definitely counts in your favour.

However, if you don’t have a blog or site, you can still get your hands on some awesome freebies. For the most part, brands are going to open up a specific number of slots and fill them with the first people who show interest, regardless of your online reputation.

If you want to join a panel, definitely look into these:

– The Insiders

– Toluna

– Bzzagent

– Trybe

– Come Round

Score Freebies via Giveaways

Retail stores and supermarkets are constantly running competitions where they give away many different items. From cars and groceries to money and vouchers, there is no telling what you can win. In some cases, there is one big prize on offer. It really helps to pay attention when you go shopping.

The best ones are the offers online, and you can qualify for them by:

– Sign up for newsletters

– Interacting with their social media pages

– Filling out forms

– Participate in certain competitions (taking a selfie, liking pages)

Are you still reading? Or have you started your freebie hunting yet?

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