A Haunted House 2 by Camila White Review

A Haunted House 2

A Haunted House by Camila White is a series of 3 short stories about a haunted house in Maine where the occupants keep being murdered by an evil spirit.

A Haunted House 2: The Next Terror sees The Smiths, Adam (Dad), Susan (Mum) and their 2 young daughters Sam and Cassie move into the picturesque house in Maine after the previous occupants were murdered, the murders covered up by the sheriff and the house resold to raise money for the town.

The Smiths need a fresh start after a car accident seems Susan miscarry and losing their unborn son, the devastation and stress sees Susan not coping well and becoming ill.

Cassie has a gift and can see ghosts and spirits and makes a new friend, Dee, who lives in their treehouse in the garden. He is constantly trying to warn her that there is something wrong in the house.

Susan’s health and mental state is getting worse and is not herself and within a few weeks things take a terrible turn and she murders Cassie which sets off a chain reaction seeing the entire family murdered.

Again the sheriff covers it up, clears up the house and gets it ready for resale although this time there is someone new inhabiting the house waiting for the next owners.

Overall, I found the second instalment of A Haunted House slightly better than the first and has much more promise and better written.

While still not grabbing attention the story is getting better and I am looking forward to reading the third part to see if it clears up the reasons for the hauntings and murders.

Rating: 3/5

Available to buy from Amazon.

3 Star

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