A Haunted House by Camila White Review

A Haunted House

A Haunted House by Camila White is a short story about a murderous, haunted house.

Jake, his wife Andrea and their 2 children (teenagers Lisa and Dillon) move into new house in Maine from New York for a fresh start but little do they know it is already inhabited by a murderous evil spirit with glowing red eyes making it a very Haunted House!

From the day they move in things are not right with strange threats appearing on the walls and within 2 days of arriving the entire family are murdered.

The town sheriff and people in authority are aware there is something strange going on but continuously cover up murders at the house, purely for financial gain by keep reselling the house so they can keep the town afloat.

Overall, while A Haunted House is a short story I found it far too short. Within a few pages the entire family are murdered and the town covers it up but there is no explanation as to what the reasons are or why the house is murdering its occupants. So much more could have been done with this story to make it more interesting and exciting but with lack of detail and a credible storyline it was over too quickly and I found it too flat.

There is a bonus story at the end of this book of about the same length which is better written and more credible about a gated community that is actually a government funded facility researching how to control people, I found this too be a much better story but again would be improved if made into a longer novel.

Rating: 2.5/5

2 half Star

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