A Haunted House 3 by Camila White Review

A Haunted House by Camila White is a series of 3 short stories about a haunted house in Maine where the occupants keep being murdered by an evil spirit.

A Haunted House 3: The Fall of Terror sees a former resident of the house and survivor of its murderous intent returns to the house intent on solving the mystery and avenging his family.

Garrick Holt is now an exorcist and buys his childhood home in an attempt to rid the house of its evil and seek revenge for the murder of his family.

With the help of a friendly spirit he soon learns that the sheriff is somehow involved and that the only way to end the terror is to deal with the Sheriff but there is another secret to be told.

Overall, the third and final piece of the series clears up some of the problems of the first two books but is littered with errors such as spelling mistakes and  incorrect words (looks at times as though someone had used a thesaurus to poor use).

As a series of books I think they need to be combined into one and reedited, with a bit more detail added. Even all 3 together are just too short and don’t give enough insight into the story behind the murders.

Rating: 2.5/5

2 half Star

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