Great Ways To Save Money Over The Summer

Photo by Askar Abayev from Pexels

The summer can be an expensive time for everyone. After all, you want to get out and about, buying a cool drink, snacks, and various event tickets along the way, and then come home to try and keep cool under a baking hot roof. That takes a lot of money!

However, there are some great methods on hand to save you some cash this summertime, and that’s frankly amazing news right now! The cost of living has made cost slashing more important than ever, but with a little effort you can beat the price hikes during this hot season.

Keep an Eye Out for Free Family Days

If you’ve got young kids who’ll want to be outside all the time, sign up for newsletters about free or low cost family days. You can usually get plenty of news about these from local newspapers and the local council website – pop in your email right now to get the details delivered straight to your inbox over the next couple of weeks.

Be Mindful of Waste

Hot weather tends to bring out the rubbish! After all, you’re going to be out a bit more and buying more items whilst you’re there, such as disposable food wrappers and drink bottles, as well as beach items that are packed to the brim with plastic.

But the less you aim to throw away, the more you’re going to save. Why? Because you’re much more likely to use a reusable water bottle, pack your own lunch or picnic, or buy well-made lilos, dinghies, windbreakers, and parasols that last at least 5 years. These are one time costs you then never have to worry about again!

Invest in Solar Panels

A big upfront cost, absolutely, but a lifelong saving amount that’ll make both summers and winters much cheaper. Talk to a company like All Seasons Energy to see if solar panels and/or solar batteries would be right for you.

Fitting them right now can bring down the big cost of using fans, an AC system, and electric shower units – we tend to wash a lot more when it’s hot outside! But if you plan to conserve energy and water now, your bills will be the lowest you’ve ever seen them.

Keep Cool with Homemade Methods

If you don’t want to buy alternative energy, and you don’t have the budget for a mini AC system, you can still stay cool. You just need to try out some homemade methods that take a bit more effort.

For example, you probably own a fan that’s permanently plugged in, but make sure you’ve got a couple ice cube trays to freeze regularly as well. Don’t put the ice in front of the fan, as this’ll make the air more humid, but put them in a bag and place it under your feet, in your armpits, and on your neck instead.

The summer can be deceptively expensive. Save money with a bit of forethought using tips like these.

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