Thinking Of Getting Into Caravanning? These Starter Tips Can Help!

Image by sabinamajoor from Pixabay

Being able to tow your caravan to a park, beach, or pretty much where you like at any time of the year gives you an immense sense of freedom. A home away from home which you can take with you. Some people only use them once or twice a year. Others use it all the time. Some might get out for a little weekend break while some will use it to holiday in for weeks or even months. Whatever you’re planning on using your caravan for, there are a few things you need to think about before buying one. You may have already considered some, which is great, but these can help shift your perspective and not make any mistakes when thinking about getting into caravanning.

Make Sure You’ve Got A Suitable Car

Unless you’re thinking of buying a static caravan somewhere you really love, you’ll need a car that can tow a caravan. Not all can. Especially if you’ve got a small, low powered car. You might get it moving, but the drive will likely be miserable. You need to have a look at somewhere like Bourne Cars for the right vehicle. Remember, not only can having the wrong car be impractical, but it can also be dangerous. Especially if you haven’t got the right towing equipment set up and double-checked.

Driving Will Change

If you’re not used to towing anything, it may be a little shock to you. For example, breaking will change a little because it’ll take longer to slow down. It means you need to break in advance of usual. You get used to it quite fast but it’s worth being careful when you just start out. Obviously the size of the caravan changes the drive. If you have a smaller one it’ll be easier. If you go for a larger caravan you might be better off fitting a stabiliser. This makes towing a lot easier and stops you from spinning out of control if the caravan starts to sway. This can often happen in high winds or if the caravan is nudged slightly by another vehicle.

Measure Your Drive

So many people make this mistake. They’ll buy the perfect caravan, only forgetting that their drive is a little smaller, meaning the end of the caravan will spill out over the pathway. It isn’t allowed. In fact, it’s illegal. Make sure you measure your drive or at least have somewhere else viable for storage so that can keep it with peace of mind. Even if it fits on your drive, you need to remember that a caravan takes up a tonne of space. If there are two or more cars at your household it can be hard to find space. Be sure you have the space to have it on the drive for significant periods of time. It isn’t something that you can move all the time either. Plus, unless you’re on a private road, you’re not really allowed to leave the caravan on it, even if it is outside your own house.

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