Holiday of a lifetime: five top tips

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Adverts showing idyllic beach holidays flood the television from Christmas onwards and choosing your holiday can really be influenced by these commercials. Follow our top five tips to make sure your holiday of a lifetime really is what you hoped for and more.

Go with your heart

If a beach holiday is just what you’re looking for, choose that. However, if you are more of a culture vulture and wish to be bombarded with history rather than the hot sun, go with that. It’s easy to be swayed by other people’s opinions, but try to pick something you’ve always wanted to do instead of what others think you should do.


Before making any massive decisions, do your research. Visit a number of travel agencies as well as comparing deals online. If money is a concern for you, many people recommend choosing the right package in store, but returning home to book online. This was you know exactly what you are getting and have already asked your key questions. What’s more, some locations are best avoided at certain times of the year and you may not hear this from someone trying to sell you a holiday. Investigating online and chatting to others who’ve visited are great ways of ensuring you choose the right location for you at a suitable time of year.

Plan ahead

Spontaneity can work on holidays, but how awful would you feel to get to the end of your fortnight of freedom and realise you’ve missed one of the main attractions of the area in which you’re staying? If you plan ahead and make a rough itinerary for your time away, perhaps leaving a couple of days free, you’ll feel more relaxed. Whether it’s a British Virgin Islands yacht charter or a wine tasting excursion in Italy, having things planned to look forward to is a fantastic idea.

Pack your cases and bags in advance

There’s nothing worse than the last-minute panic of ‘where’s my passport?’ and ‘I could have sworn I had a teal bikini in the bottom drawer’. If you pack a week or two in advance, providing you don’t need your clothes in the meantime, you’ll feel happier. Plus, if there is an item of clothing or towel you can’t find, you have a little time to replace if necessary.


It can be so easy to get carried away when it comes to spending on holiday. When you are creating your itinerary, add costings to that. This will give you a rough estimate as to how much money you will need to set aside for your holiday. Depending on your accommodation, consider food costs as well as gifts for loved ones back home. Check beforehand that your debit or credit card will be accepted abroad and without sky-high charges. Additionally, it’s worth investigating whether you will have to pay charges for using your mobile phone. Returning home from the perfect holiday to find it cost you hundreds more than you have anticipated would certainly put a dampener on things.

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