Get Away Without Going Bankrupt: Three Great Holiday Ideas On A Budget


Everyone loves taking some time away! There really is nothing quite so refreshing as being able to get away from all of the stress and responsibility of daily life and just enjoy yourself. No work, no schedule. Just you, your family and the chance to unwind. The problem with that is that many of us simply don’t have the kind of budget to stretch to exotic destinations or five-star resorts. For a lot of people, this can make them feel as though they don’t get the chance to take a holiday at all. Well, that’s far from being the case. In fact, there are plenty of options for taking a fantastic holiday without breaking the bank. Here are just a few of them.


There’s no better way to get back to nature than camping. There’s just something so refreshing about the smell of the air, the crisp chill in the morning as you snuggle down into your sleeping bags. And the wonderful thing about camping is that it has no impact on the kind of holiday you can have. If you want to go surfing then there are campsites on the coast, if you want to go hiking, then the peak and lake districts have plenty of campsites. Even if the weather isn’t great, it can still be a wonderful holiday. No one can say that they don’t like the sound of rain falling on a tent canvas. Just makes sure there’s enough room for everyone. The last thing you want is to try and sleep while someone else’s foot is in your face!


Okay, so let’s say you want a few more creature comforts than a tent can offer? So why not all hop in a caravan, or campervan, and hit the road! The wonderful thing about a caravan is that you don’t have to stay put at all. Each morning you can hook it back up to the car and go somewhere else. This means that you get to experience a bunch of different places all in a single trip! Not only that but it’s warmer and often more comfortable than a tent, without running up a huge bill in the way a resort would. You can either buy or rent a caravan, but if you buy on then make sure you have a stock of caravan parts and supplies in case of emergencies.

Book last minute

One of the best ways to save money when you’re planning a holiday is to book it right at the last minute. You are often able to find some amazing deals on flights and hotels just by being willing to jump into somewhere right at the eleventh hour. If you want to be really spontaneous, why not show up at the airport and hop on the soonest cheap flight. If you don’t mind where you’re going, you can end up paying peanuts for a trip. This means that you not only save money but you get to discover somewhere you might never have thought of. Of course, you’ve got to be sure it’s worth the risk since you might end up somewhere totally bizarre. But at the same time you could end up finding somewhere absolutely wonderful.

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