Advice For A Stress-Free Move


Moving house is regarded as one of the most stressful life events a person can go through. Whether you’ve bought somewhere new or just leaving a rented place at the end of your tenancy, moving is stressful. However, most of us never learn any lessons from each heinous move. It is as if the pain of each past moving-day is forgotten the moment we unpack the last box, only to be stung again the next time around. To help you with this, check out these effective ways of making your move more stress free and enjoyable.

If You Can Use Professionals, Then Use Professionals

This is the single most effective way of making your move less stressful. It could be calling in a professional cleaning service to ensure the home you are leaving is left spick and span; it could be hiring a cheap removals company to assist with the packing and delivery of your belongings; it could even mean you employ a painter-decorator to get started on any projects you want to undertake on your new place. Whatever it is, hiring an expert service will remove a hefty chunk of pressure from you.

Be Inventive With Your Packing

There are so many ways to get creative with your packing, which will inevitably make your life easier before, during and after the move. What’s more, these tips are so simple to do. Use soft items to safely pad your more fragile belongings, such as clothes, towels, kids teddy bears, bedding; anything that is soft. Cut holes in the side of your boxes to make it easier when lifting and carrying those that are more heavy. Take photographs of any electrical products that require un-wiring; this will save you a lot of fiddling about on the other end. Go to the local supermarket and ask them for any leftover wine carriers for your glassware, or see if they have any unused egg boxes for you to put your jewellery into. The internet is littered with hundreds of useful packing hacks that will help you on moving day.

It’s Time To Throw Out Anything You Don’t Need

There is no better time, or reason, to go through your clutter and decide what you want to keep and what really needs throwing away. This sounds a chore, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it can be really rewarding. Sure, some of your things may not be any good to anyone, but a lot of your unwanted possessions could be given to charity shops, or donated to clothes banks or even food banks. Alternatively, why not use this chance to hold a garage sale and raise a few bucks to cover the cost of your move.

Change Your Address Before You Move

This tip will help ease any stress whilst you start to make your new house a home. We recommend changing your address approximately two weeks before your scheduled move date, informing your bank, updating the electoral register and contacting the post office to ensure all mail is redirected.

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