What Makes The Perfect Home For Retirement?


As you approach your later years, there’s a good chance your needs will start to change a little. The huge, family home you have used to bring up your kids and create many special memories will still be a significant part of your life, of course, but does it still make sense to live there?

Given that once your children leave home and start their own families, you will have a lot of spare space on your hands, all of which needs heating, cleaning, and keeping in order. Perhaps you might feel like something a little more manageable?

You’re in good company if you are having these thoughts. Many people call time on the family home for a broad range of reasons once the kids have moved out. The big question is – what makes the perfect home to enjoy your later years? Let’s take a look at everything you need to know.

A sense of community

It’s only natural to feel a little more vulnerable as you get older. And it’s a good idea to seek out somewhere that offers a nice community feel to it. According to thisismoney.co.uk, there are plenty of options available, from city-based private apartments through to traditional bungalows. And, as arborliving.co.uk point out, there are also proper retirement communities based in fantastic locations, and they are a far cry from the sorts of retirement homes you might have in your mind. Ultimately, it’s reassuring to have others around you, and a sense of community is something we would heartily recommend.

Close to facilities

You don’t just need people around you as you get older – you’ll also need plenty of facilities. Being close to a good range of shops and entertainment will save you spending a fortune on fuel, and a local doctor or medical facility may come in handy at some point. Ultimately, you want to make it as easy as possible to get around, and being close to plenty of interesting things are going to help you enjoy your retirement. Yes, it might push the price up a little – but, hey, you’re downsizing anyway, so why not?

Modern and easy

Parents have a good reason for moving outside of the city – you get a lot more for your money, from space to the numbers of rooms. However, old country homes are hardly ideal for when you are trying to enjoy your golden years. They can be difficult to heat without spending a fortune, and you might have to pay for oil and/or septic tanks, and all kinds of other things just to get by. You are far better off thinking about moving to somewhere new and modern. The insulation, energy efficiency and cleanliness will all contribute to an easier lifestyle and give you far less to worry about. Modern homes are so much easier to decorate, too. Finally, bungalows might be an idea, especially if those aches and pains you are feeling right now end up leading to more debilitating conditions.

So, are you planning to sell up the family home and move on to pastures new? If so, why not share your ideas with us?

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