6 Simple Ways To Beautify Your Garden

Photo by Leigh Patrick from Pexels

Creating a beautiful garden allows you to practice a wholesome hobby; improve your quality of life; and make the most of your home. For a few simple ideas to make your garden beautiful, start with these six.

Weed Control

Removing the weeds is the first step towards a beautiful garden; there are plenty of natural solutions you can use to banish weeds without the use of toxic chemicals:

  • White vinegar: In the home and garden maintenance world, there isn’t much that vinegar can’t do! Try spraying half a cup of vinegar and half a cup of water onto those pesky weeds.
  • Mulch: Mulch is the perfect way to keep your soil wet and cool; when you lay mulch, it gets rid of the light which the weeds need to keep growing.
  • Boiling Water: Who said getting rid of weeds had to be tough! When you have weeds growing up from cracks in your paving, simply pour boiling water all over them.

Bright Flowers

Now that those weeds are out of the way, it’s time to plant some bright coloured flowers to give your garden the wow factor. During the summertime, Marigold is the perfect flower to plant. These are low maintenance flowers, all they need is plenty of sun. Asters are another excellent choice for a summer garden, though these look delicate; they can really handle the heat! Lastly, try adding some Lantanas to your garden, you’ll find that these bloom all season and can tolerate a drought.

Pests Under Control

With all those beautiful flowers around, you won’t want any pests coming along to grab a snack. One of the best natural pest control products is pyrethrum spray, which is made using chrysanthemum flowers. You’ll usually find that this comes in a dry powder form, simply sprinkle it on your precious flowers and plants. Better still, plant a few chrysanthemums and let these live flowers do the work!

Gardening Apps

Need a little help sprucing up your garden? Why not try one of the popular gardening apps:

  • Smart Plant: Smart Plant is an app that provides you with plant care info, pest tips, and a plant identification guide. The app also gives you the opportunity to chat to plant experts who are always happy to answer your questions.
  • Veggie Garden Planner: Need tips on creating a vegetable garden? Then the Veggie Garden Planner app is just what you need. The app can help you to understand sowing times, harvesting, neighbouring plants, and crop rotations.

Maintain Your Trees

If you’re lucky enough to have some beautiful trees in your garden, you’ll want to keep them healthy and safe. It’s vital to prune your trees to keep them strong and healthy; you’ll also need to protect your tree’s roots. To protect the roots, you need to ensure that the soil is in perfect health and not ‘compacted soil.’ If you are not comfortable maintaining your trees you can always try tree surgeons services.

The Perfect Compost

With the perfect compost, you’ll have healthy soil to support your trees, plants, and vegetables. You need to ensure that you use an equal amount of brown materials and green materials, to get the correct balance of nitrogen and carbon. It’s useful to use a compost tumbler to turn your pile (without much effort)! You should also shred your thicker materials to help them to break down. To make the most of your garden, the perfect compost is key.

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