Make the Most of your Garden


The garden is a home away from home for some people. On those warm sunny days, you just want to get out there and make the most of those precious rays. It can be a place of tranquillity or fun for all the family. But what does your garden say about you? Are you making the most of the outdoor space you have on offer? Even if it is a small garden, it does not mean it can’t be beautiful and practical.

Here are some ideas on making the most of the space that you have:


Before you do anything, put your head down and think about what you require from your garden. Is it merely for yourself a keen gardener, who wants nothing more than something pretty and calming to look at? Or do you have a family and require a little play space along with something pretty. Make a list of all the things you may want so you can focus your mind when it comes to designing it. You may want to have a look in some garden images and really hone in on the exact style you want before heading out to the garden stores. There are plenty of ways to simply have a beautiful garden.

Patio area

If your garden is really small, is there any point in having grass? You may want to think about covering it up with a nice paving design, and having a seating area. On the walls, you could have garden trellises to give it that floral and garden feel. Think vertically for small gardens. This can be far more practical. Also, adding mirrors to the walls can also give the impression of more space if this is something that bothers you. However, if your garden space is larger, think about a patio area. You will be able to have a seating area with a table for both guests and the family for the summer. Think about having a pegoda set up around the seating area to cover it up a bit. Think about having climbing plants and flowers to create a little divide away from the rest of the garden space.

Privacy and sound reduction

Does your garden have a busy road nearby, and you suffer from a completely unsuitable fence? It may be worth your while tearing down that fence and planting a noise-reducing hedge plant. A great one for this is the taxus baccata, not only is it a beautiful vivid green colour, but it is also evergreen so it will protect your garden all year round. They will grow as much as you will allow them to, so if you suffer from privacy, this could be a solution.

Pot plants

If you want those flowers but are not one for digging up the garden, or if you have a small patioed outside space, think about pot plants. You can dot these strategically about the borders, or even have them attached to the walls. This will adorn the garden nicely, and brighten things up.

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