Tips for Planning Your Next Corporate Event

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Planning a corporate event is one of the best ways to bring your employees together, reward them, or simply wow your clients. Regardless of the reason for throwing a corporate event, whether it is for team bonding or promoting your company, it must be planned perfectly if the night is to go as smoothly as anticipated. You don’t need event management on your CV to create a good event.

Here are some top tips for planning a corporate event no one will forget.

#1 Goals

The first thing you must obtain is the goal of the event. Why is your company hosting the event? Is it to bond employees together, market your company, or drive in new clients? Once this has been established you will be able to move forward with the planning with clarity, focus and direction.

#2 Budget

The next important part of planning a corporate event is the budget. Obtain the budget from your manager, or the board, as this will dictate all the different elements of the event and save you a lot of time while planning. Make sure when planning each element, you refer to the budget so you don’t get too carried away. With the goal and budget combined, your search for the event entertainment and venue should be easier. Use your initiative to locate sponsorships for your event, or look for opportunities to partner with different brands to help boost the event, which can make your event much more impressive as well as negotiate deals with different venues. Make sure you save a portion of your budget for any unexpected costs.

#3 Research

Research is vital. This way you can make sure you squeeze as much as you can out of your budget, and make the best decisions for the event. Find as much as you can online about planning the best corporate event. Look at whether you want an impressive, formal party with live entertainment, for example, with Fun Time Frankies, a private dinner, an adventurous team building activity, a seminar, or an exhibition, etc. This research will provide you with a good idea of all the different elements you need to include, approximate price points and opportunities to negotiate, and what will make the experience worthwhile.

#4 Timings

Firstly, make sure that you give yourself sufficient time to research and plan the event, as well as enough time for others to consider the invitation and schedule it in their diary. This will ensure you get off to the right start, especially if the corporate event is for clients, by giving them enough warning, and you can get a good idea of numbers before finalising things like food and drink. Letting people know in advance of the event, increases the chances of a better turnout, which in turn, will help you reach the goals of the event.

Planning a corporate event is a big job, but with the right planning, focus and initiative, you’ll be able to make it a night to remember. Start planning as far in advance as possible, and make sure you obtain a budget, goals and objectives from your manager, as well as take time to conduct thorough research, and look for impressive opportunities that will wow the guests.

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