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DISCLOSURE: In exchange for an honest and impartial review I was gifted a free carpet cleaning service from Fantastic Services.

I have no idea why, but Christmas is one of those times that we want everything in our home to look its best. Adverts on TV promise new sofas that are guaranteed to be delivered in time for Christmas, we have special crockery that only ever sees the light of day at Christmas, and we treat our homes to a pre-Christmas spruce up. We have just moved home, so we have had a particularly busy run-up to the big day, and lots of the things that we might normally have been well on top of have just not been done. One of my biggest bugbears is the carpets in the new house – there’s no doubt they’re top-quality carpets and we certainly can’t afford to replace them at the moment, but the combination of light colours and us moving in winter, during some pretty wet weather, has left them looking less than sparkling clean!

We have used Fantastic Services before for their brilliant oven cleaning service, so had no hesitation at all about turning to them again when it became obvious that a dose of supermarket carpet mousse wasn’t going to do the trick for us and leave our house looking fresh and clean for Christmas.

It’s not just oven cleaning and carpet cleaning that Fantastic offer – a quick browse of their website reveals a vast array of services, including domestic cleaning, gardening, removals and pest control. It was, though, the carpet cleaning that we wanted this time, so once we checked the service was available in our area (not all services are available in all areas), we were booked in for a slot for Wednesday afternoon. Prices start at £22 for a bedroom, but you can get a full and bespoke quote via the website when you check availability.

So, Wednesday afternoon arrived and we had cleared the rooms of loose furniture (rugs, bins, small chairs etc) – we were ready to go! As we had booked in the very busy run up to Christmas time, I had expected that our carpet cleaner might not arrive dead on-time. In the event, he was late, but he texted us with a new ETA and an apology, so no problems there at all. He arrived promptly at his revised arrival time and knocked on the door.

The first thing that he did was have a look at all of the rooms that we had booked cleaning for – he walked round the rooms with us and asked if there was anything in particular we wanted to focus on, and also explained how long the carpets would take to dry (around 4 hours) and checked whether we would like the rooms cleaning in a specific order, given the drying time. We opted to have the bedrooms cleaned first, so it would be more likely the carpets would be dry when we wanted the kids to go to bed. Our lounge carpet is a particularly light beige colour and did have some very heavy staining on it. He said that he couldn’t promise they would all be removed, but that he would try his very best, and that they would certainly look better than before.

After looking round the house and making sure we were happy with everything, he set to work. We had previously given all of the rooms a good vacuum, be he did them again with his vacuum cleaner to make sure they were debris-free before he started cleaning. He also gave some of the bigger stains a pre-treatment and left it to work whilst he started the upstairs.

For the just over two hours that he was in our home, he didn’t stop working at all! He started with upstairs as promised before moving on to downstairs. As we thought, the lounge carpet did present rather a challenge, and some of the stains simply couldn’t be removed. Having said that, they are now an awful lot lighter and less visible than they were and the carpet looks fantastic – it has honestly meant that it’s gone from a ‘need to replace urgently’ expense to one that can wait for quite a while!

I didn’t think that the kids’ playroom carpet was too bad before we had it cleaned – it certainly didn’t look dirty or grubby, probably because it was a pretty dark terracotta colour. But the difference now compared to before is massive! Whilst it didn’t look ‘dirty’ before at all, having it cleaned has lifted it and given it a new, fresh lease of life.

Not only do all of the rooms look an awful lot better now, they also smell fresher too. The whole house has a feeling of ‘cleaner’, which is perfect just in time for Christmas! As I said before, for the whole two-and-a-bit hours our carpet cleaner was here, he didn’t stop working! He was friendly, courteous and polite throughout, and had two large reception rooms and four double bedrooms vacuumed and cleaned in around two hours. The carpets have taken around four hours to fully dry after they were cleaned, which is what we were told. They were never soaking wet, just damp underfoot, so we could still use the house.

I continue to be impressed by Fantastic Services and the services that they offer. My home is now clean and fresh for Christmas and it’s all thanks to the fantastic service at Fantastic Services!

Rating: 5/5

Carpet Cleaning starts from £15 (10x4ft Hallway) to £190 (2 bedroom house). For more information and to get an instant quote and availability, visit

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Disclosure: I received this service for free for the purposes of writing an honest and impartial review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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