Proven Advantages Of Using HVO Fuel

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While many may assume that biodiesel and HVO fuel (hydrotreated vegetable oil) are the same things, there are several significant differences. While the process to create HVO fuel uses hydrogen, the creation process of biodiesel used methanol instead, therefore, the byproduct of HVO fuel is propane rather than glycerin. HVO process also removes all the oxygen from the vegetable oils used and this helps to avoid the process of oxidation. While this fuel has emerged onto the market in recent years, it has been able to gain more widespread popularity of use in comparison to biodiesel. This is mainly because HVO fuel provides more fuel efficiency when compared to its competitor. If you are considering making the switch to using HVO fuel instead of environmentally harmful regular diesel, here are some of the most notable advantages for you to take into account when making your decision.

Renewable Resources Are Used For Production

Whether you are using diesel to power your vehicle or you are powering home generators, using regular diesel will undoubtedly begin to play on your mind as the impending global environmental crisis has drastically worsened in recent years. Unfortunately, you may not be able to avoid using machinery and equipment that require fuel, however, you are able to make the switch to HVO fuel and enjoy a significant reduction in guilt towards how your lifestyle is harming the environment. Using fuels that are created with renewable resources means your effects on our planet will be drastically reduced.

Various Uses

HVO fuel boasts various uses. This means you will be able to use this fuel in existing diesel engines without having to invest in engine modifications. While you may not be able to afford to purchase a smart new electric vehicle to reduce your carbon footprint, you will be able to change your choice of fuel instead to make a massive difference to our environment. Fuel consumption is one of the greatest contributors to the destruction of our planet, which is why alternative fuels have drastically increased in popularity in recent years. Many users of regular diesel and red diesel avoid HVO and biodiesel as they are completely unaware that renewable alternatives provide varied uses and engines will not require modifications.

Non-Toxic Alternative To Diesel

The fact that diesel is incredibly toxic makes storing it at home a large concern. While generator use is often not optional, you may find more peace of mind when storing HVO fuel or biodiesel at home as these types of fuel are not at all toxic. Burning these fuels in your vehicle or your home generator will not raise health concerns as they won’t be releasing harmful carbon dioxide into the environment, which means you and your family will be able to rest assured your health is not being questioned by your need for power use. These fuels are also significantly more safe to transport, which means making the switch is ultimately the safest decision for you and your family.

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