Five Tips For Creating a Low-Maintenance Garden

Low-maintenance garden
Photo by Rene Asmussen from Pexels

While many people adore their garden and everything in it, there’s no escaping the amount of work that goes into maintaining an outdoor space. There are tricks and shortcuts to make things a little easier, but in general, a nice garden equates to a significant amount of graft. From planting to weeding, and from pruning to feeding, you must be consistent with garden maintenance.

For some people, a luscious garden isn’t an option. They may not have space, time, or permission to carry out major work on their property. For others, the thought of undertaking a gardening project can be overwhelming. The cost, work, and know-how of completing a garden make-over can quickly become daunting.

A low-maintenance garden is the perfect middle ground for people how aren’t ready for a highly demanding outdoor space. Luckily, there are several ways to create a beautiful garden that doesn’t require much maintenance.

If no-fuss is what you’re after, here are five tips for creating the perfect low-maintenance garden.

Be smart about weeds

One of the least favoured gardening chores is weeding. Therefore, your low-maintenance garden needs to keep weeds to a minimum. There are a few clever techniques for reducing the amount of time spent weeding.

Opting to plant shrubs instead of pretty flowers will make for a more dull but less cumbersome garden. Shrubs are easier to plant through a weed-suppressing membrane, and they don’t require regular maintenance.

Covering plant or shrub beds with a deep blanket of mulch is effective in keeping weeds at bay. It is also great for conserving moisture, further reducing the amount of maintenance that’s necessary. Research what mulch is best for your particular shrub bed.

Build a patio

A patio requires a relatively significant initial investment, and a lot of work if you take the D.I.Y approach. However, once it’s built, it requires little to no maintenance. A timber patio will need painting every couple of years while paving slabs require essentially no added work.

Patios are the perfect hosting area for a summer party and provide an ideal spot to take in some rays of sunshine. What’s more, a patio will increase the value of your home substantially.

Artificial turf

Artificial grass wall panels create a beautiful garden aesthetic. For someone who doesn’t have time to carry out any garden maintenance, an artificial lawn should be considered. Nowadays, it can be hard to tell the difference between real and fake grass, making it the ultimate low-maintenance addition.

Potted plants, troughs, and feeders

Steel or decorative pots, troughs, and feeders complement a modern garden look. They can be mixed and matched to go with a particular theme or colour scheme. Most importantly, if these containers are large enough, they require very little maintenance other than watering.

Hire a professional gardening service

If you’re struggling to find the time or you’re incapable of maintaining a beautiful outdoor space, why not consider hiring a professional gardening service? An expert gardener can advise you on what plants, flowers, or shrubs are best suited to a low-maintenance garden. This will keep costs low while ensuring that your gardening needs are being taken care of.

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